10 Proven Ways to Earn Money From Blogging

earn money from blogging

You must’ve heard of people earning money online simply enjoying with their loved ones at home. But how many of you’ve seen the real people earn money online. Or does it even exist? Yes, it does. You could be one of them if you own a blog because earning money from a blog is easier and quicker than the one who doesn’t own any. Here I’m talking about the number of ways you can follow to earn easy money from the internet. You don’t need to be a programmer or a web designer to start a blog. Everything will be taken care of by WordPress. You can read this article to start your blog before you start the journey. Follow the ways mentioned below to earn money from blogging.

Best Top 10 Ways to Earn Money From Blogging

1. Google Adsense

earn money from blogging
Google Adsense

It is the most effective and lucrative method of earning money from blogging ever available on the planet. Almost all bloggers use Adsense as money-making tools by placing ads on their websites or blogs. When you placed ads on your blog and your audiences visit your blog, they see the ads or even clicked on it, and in turn, you get a commission from the advertisers. It has the huge potential of generating big incomes. You should have a google account and a blog or website to register for Adsense. Follow the steps to register your blog for Adsense. It is totally free and you don’t have to spend a dime when you register your blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

earn money from blogging

Affiliate marketing is another way of earning money online. First, you should know what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a kind of marketing strategy where you sell products or services for some big companies and in turn, you get some commission. You act as a middleman between the seller and the end customer. This is the most basic idea of how affiliate marketing works. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, you can easily tap money from affiliate marketing. You can apply for the amazon affiliate program using your blog as the medium to showcase their products and start using this method of earning money. Most of the big companies range from software to fashion have an affiliate program to diversify the way of marketing. So, you choose according to the niche you’re working at for the best result.

3. Youtube

earn money from blogging

It is the easiest and widely used platform for earning money online. According to Forbes, the highest Youtube earners is an eight years old child named Ryan Kaji taking home $26 million in 2019 just by reviewing toys.

If you are working on a niche that fits for vlogging, like a travel blog you can also earn huge cash from Youtube. You may read this article to start a travel blog. The first thing you have to do is to open a youtube account. You must require a google account to open a youtube account. Give an interesting title of your channel. Apply for Adsense approval for your channel. Upload videos and let the world watch you. As long as you don’t stop posting interesting videos, the number of subscribers will increase constantly. The more you get viewers the more you earn money on youtube.

4. E-Book Publishing

earn money from blogging

By using Amazon’s kindle direct publishing or other forms of self-publishing at your disposal, publishing an ebook can be easy. The main thing you’ve to do is to convert your work into an e-book. Say, if you are running a blog in niches like travel, food, technology, fashion, etc., you can convert all your ideas or work into an e-book and publish it. It is just like publishing a physical book. You can earn big profits by selling e-books online because it is a lot easier to sell as compared to physical books. They are cheaper to produce. It will be your source of passive income also. Last but not least, you are contributing your efforts on saving the planet by not using papers and help save trees. You may like this article on how to start e-book publishing.

5. Selling Online Course

earn money from blogging

If you can create some online courses and start selling on your blog, it could be one of the highest profit-making sources of passive income. Nowadays, peoples prefer undergoing any courses online rather than going to institute and learn. In this method, your first priority should be creating a high value or quality course that can attract potential viewers. Once you set this mark, you can start selling your online course. You can use various strategies to catch customers like lowering your course’s price than your competitors, fetching traffic to your blog or website using SEO, e-mail marketings, etc. It has a high potential of earning than the methods mentioned above. The main characteristic of why people prefer an online course is the flexibility of time. You can review, study and access anytime or anywhere.

6. Promotion of Products or Services

earn money from blogging

As your blog or websites grows, many companies big or small will start keeping eye on you. They are always in the hunt for new platforms to diversify their marketing strategies. If you are one of the lucky bloggers, you can earn handsome money because these companies pay a lot of money to promote their products or services. So, you should give high priority on quality content so that you can attract huge traffic into your blog or websites. In turn, more and more companies will approach you to promote them in your blog. Always remember that “Content is the King” and a king’s friends is always a king.

7. Selling your own Products to earn money from Blogging

earn money from blogging

What could be better than selling your own products on your blog or websites? It is more somewhat similar to running an e-commerce website. But here, you sell only particular products that you create yourself out of your design and ideas. You can start selling products like handicraft products, decoration items, unique slogan printed T-shirts, hand-made chocolate, etc. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to expand your selling by integrating your blog with social share plugins if your blog is powered by WordPress. You don’t need to depend on any affiliates program to extract your income. The best part of selling own products is that you can decide the retail price at your will. No more headache of being over-priced and also can give discounts from time-to-time. This method is an evergreen practice to earn money from blogging.

8. Do Freelancing to earn money from Blogging

earn money from blogging

Freelancing is also a popular way among youngsters to earn money from blogging because it doesn’t necessarily require any investment of time or money. You can just start by offering your services to your current audience. You’ve to offer quality services that you’re already in expertise and deliver on time. As a freelancer, you’re bound to deliver services on time. It’ll decide your proficiency within your own niche.

9. Hosting Paid Webinars

earn money from blogging

As the name suggests, webinars are web events on the internet generally attend by online audiences. It is a live event. You can host webinars on your blog and it is the smartest way to earn money from blogging. It is also somewhat similar to selling online courses. Generally, it includes a live question and answers sections. It is even easier if you are using WordPress. You can find a lot of webinars plugins in WordPress to host your paid webinars.

10. Write Content for Others

earn money from blogging

With the mushrooming of blogs, it seems very hard to choose a niche and start a blog that succeeds to attract views. You’ve to be very careful while writing articles because the first impression always lasts forever. If you are good at writing, this is your part. You can offer copywriting services to your blog. Nowadays, the demand for copywriters is huge. You can help a lot of newbie bloggers by providing them impressive articles related to their niches and then you charge some amounts. Thus, helping them earn money from blogging and you also generate income from this method. It is a win-win situation.

Final words

Earning money from a blog is a time-consuming process and not an overnight rich scheme. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The main essence of becoming a successful blogger is to stick on time. Time is money. Whatever obstacles may come in your way, you’ve to face it and find your destination. A man without a destination is like following the shadow. Last but not least, if you can’t see yourself as worthy, you will never become a one no matter how hard you work. Don’t afraid to fail, instead gather the courage to taste it. You are what you think you are and be the real you.

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