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newbie blogger

Who has more sentimental feelings than what a newbie blogger thinks in today’s era of Blogging? You must have heard the name of blogging and how old it has become. Have you ever thought about how many people in the world have started blogging, and how many have succeeded? Nobody will tell you about it.

Nobody will want you to become a successful blogger unless they help you guides from the grass-root level using the parasite network of so-called Affiliate marketing.

Simply they are not making any help to a starter. They are making only confusion, not the solutions, by showing so many issues that you may be facing while building a blog for the first time.

Every man has his thinking and what you think may not be suited to someone else. Every solution cannot be applied to a particular problem. Everyone has their unique thinking and no one has the right to differ it.


newbie blogger

So many ideas that are flooding in the internet world of blogging will only make you confuse not a success. The will make you confuse in every direction. For the sake of traffic on their website, they will make you fool out of you.

You will never get the right information on how to start a blog from scratch rather than landing on buying a domain name or hosting services from their parasite affiliate links.

One honest piece of an idea from a starter like me is to go on the way as you like and never looking back. No one is born genius.

Often, many so-called pro-bloggers make us confused about choosing a good niche to start a blog, right? Here I want to say is that we should always focus on what we are going to do.

What about starting a blog without having a particular niche? Niche is nothing but the thinking and expertise area of a blogger. What you are interested in will be pop up as ideas at your blog or website. Don’t wait for anyone to start your blog. Remember that most of the successful bloggers are all self-taught gurus.

You will often find talking about passion when you come across in the world of blogging. So, let’s talk about passion. What is passion? It is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. But you have all this essence of starting a blog. Then why would you search for the niche from other’s idea, when you have all the essential ideas to start. Wake up the sleeping lion that is inside you and roars loud “I can do”.


newbie blogger

You can now start writing your articles or posts you love on any topics that you want to write irrespective of niches. Just leave the niche out of your mind and focus on what you are writing right now.

Always remember that the actual killer of many startup bloggers is the NICHE. This Niche is so famous Right!

I even start putting a capital letter for writing the word Niche. Against all these odds, you should never stop writing your ideas to let them know that you can also write or express own ideas.

Until and unless you don’t stop writing quality articles, the Niche will automatically come to you and ask you to give a name one day. Please don’t stop posting your articles. It may be of a different subject on different ideas. You should always remember that you have your unique thinking.

Later on, you will come to know which subject you are interested in and you can even categorize your subject on blogging. That is the power inside you? You don’t need anyone to make your blog a successful one. You are your own boss and not working under anyone (except the almighty God who gives you the power of blogging).

Another killer thinking that almost kills beginners is the question of being “How late you are to start your dream blog? and how success will it be?” You should always remember that it is never too late to start a thing, rather than sitting idle and keep your mind running. Just pull the ideas out of your mind and convert them into a very unique piece. This will help you stand out from the crowd.


newbie blogger

SLOW AND STEADY ALWAYS WIN THE RACE” the proverb that we learned during our childhood is even true when we relate to the subject. It is because, if we start today and we keep maintaining the pace, then we can go up higher and higher.

Nevertheless, the time consumed in the process. Always keep in mind that Blogging is a time-consuming task and you can’t become a success overnight. The seed you sow today will grow to its height if you water timely and give the required nutrients. Consistency is the main ingredient for a successful blogger.

Go straight and start writing down what you have in your mind and post a nice blog for us to inspire.


This is the main idea that pops up inside my mind whenever I standup to write a post and now, I’m unable to keep it for myself. I’m writing this post for fellow bloggers who are still confused to choose a Niche to start.

Anything you are facing when you want to start a blog can express inside the comment box without any hesitation. We can exchange our ideas and thinkings to pave a way for those who are a NEWBIE BLOGGER like us in the field of Blogging.

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