How To Use EXPIRED DOMAINS To Create A Successful Business?

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If this is the first time to hear about “Expired Domain” then it is very normal to pop up some questions in your head like “isn’t something trash?”, “Why should I use the expired domain?”, etc. I also didn’t know the value of an expired domain until I find a powerful one that gives juice more than the one I sweats to rank in Google’s search engine.

Nowadays, it is much harder to find a good and short domain, “.com” than it was used to be in the past, yet certainly, it’s not impossible. Perhaps, due to ever-rising internet or online business worldwide. I know you also don’t want to hear any bad advice from me to buy or register an alternative such as – “.net”, “.info” or “.online”.

If you’re one of them who struggles to find a good domain of your niche, then you’re in the right place and here I’ll teach you on “How to use the expired domain to create a successful business or blog ?

Before we proceed I felt it necessary to explain you what is an expired domain first.

As the name suggest, expired domains are types of domains that were previously owned by someone and failed to renew due to many reasons. Perhaps, they forgot to renew it due to financial problem, went out of the business and forget to maintain small detail like domain. Sometimes due to the auto renewal wasn’t enabled, outdated billing information or waited too long to renew. The reasons may be many however if you don’t renew in time the domain name becomes Expired or Expired Domain.

Why Buy Expired Domains?

It is a good idea to have an expired domain rather than buying a new one for your new website or blog. If I tell you the reason you won’t believe me. 

If you’re a new blogger, you must be sweating hard to rank your blog or website on the Google’s search engine result. Am I Right? And the Google will never let your blog rank until and unless your blog have enough authority and trust build up. What I mentioned trust here is the trust of the people or your visitors. Most probably, it will take some months or years to gain the trust of your visitors that the Google want from your blog. 

Let’s forget about this domain and bring in some real life moments. If you happen to discover a way in your life that can be used to skip any parts or moments that you think “it’ll be hard for you to pass”. Or you come across all the way and feel the reality of life. Just ask yourself.

Now, comes to buying expired domains. When you buy an expired domain, you’ll get all the link juice from that old expired domain. You’ll still get all of its previous ranking power and SEO value that can be used in several ways.

I'm revealing you the best hidden "5 secrets" to use expired domain for your blog or Business

1. Start Building Authority Website

As I mentioned earlier, it’s an open secret that Google doesn’t want to rank any websites if they’re new. Perhaps, Google wants to rank only those websites that have enough authority and trust build up. All this work is behind the Google Sandbox and must heard of it, if you’re going for an expired domain. 

If you’ve decided to build an authority site without much hardwork, you can consider buying an expired domain rather than buying a new domain. When you buy an expired domain you don’t have to work harder to build quality backlinks and SEO works. All the value and benefits of SEO, backlinks from the previous domain will be passed on to your new domain. Thus, make easy for your website to rank quicker in the Google Search Engine. This is the beauty of expired domains.  

2. #301 Redirect

Without building any blog or website you can easily pass the link juice of the expired domain by simply redirecting it to your main website. You can do this process via a 301 redirect. 

It means if the your expired domain has good SEO value because of the backlinks it has acquired over the years, all its ranking value will be passed automatically to your new website.

However, bear in mind that while buying an expired domain you must go for domain that fits your niche.

3. Use for Backlinking purpose or PBN (Private Blogging Network)

Building a high quality backlinks for any new website is not an easy job. People do Guest Posting, Sponsored Blog, etc. to build up backlinks with high authority website. However, the get nothing in return except some 1 in 100.

Now, you can easily build up quality backlinks for your website by using expired domains. You’ve to built up mini-site instead of full fledged website to get the link juice from the expired domain.

While building mini-site, don’t forget to post some real good articles so that it look natural. You can build as many as website to give backinks to your main website. This process is called Private Blogging Network and is it is a widely used method to strengthen the main website. 

To look more natural you can use different IP addresses and hosting service so that it can look as if several unrelated sites organically linked to your main site. This is the fastest method of building backlinks. 

4. Domain Flipping

Some people buy expired domains knowing its value through auction and sell it at higher prices. Normally every domains name get the grace period of 30 days to get renewed. If the owner do not renew within the period, the service provider auction the expired domain for 7 days. The highest bidder gets the domain name. It is very similar to any normal retail business where you buy an item in a lower price and sell it at much higher than the cost price. 

It is a very profitable business and even you can start one. The only thing that you’ve to take care of is maintaining the value of the expired domain. You can continue to increase its SEO value by building more and more backlinks to it. As the time passes the domain age value will also increase. 

What are the things that you should keep in mind while Buying purchasing expired domains

Before, we plan to buy something from the store we always consider checking for quality, price, recommendation of people, etc. to ascertain that the product is worth buying. In the same way, we will check the traits of the expired domains before we buy one. 

You should never buy expired domains by considering any deals or discounts it may offer. Every expired domain doesn’t have the equal value. A single wrong  buying decision will ruin your years of hardwork.


I'm listing here some of the points you should consider before Purchasing expired domains

1. Check the Domain Athority (DA)/Page Authority (PA) before purchasing expired domains

The main reason of purchasing expired domains is the authority it has established over years. Thousands of domains are expiring each day and you can check them on sites like expireddomains, domcop, freshdrop, etc.


You can easily check the quality of any expired domains or a live website just by checking its current DA and PA.  These are the two main factors that decides the quality of expired domains. It can be done by using MOZ.

Higher the DA and PA score the better is quality of expired domains. Try to find such expired domains that have high DA and PA scores. 

2. Age of Domain

The age of Domain is also an important factor to consider before you buy any. Try to search for expired domains that has shadow of at least some 5 to 6 years of existence. However, DA and PA should also be considered equally. 

3. Consider for Backlinks Quality

The main reason why many webmasters are running behind expired domains is the backlinks they bring it, which can use to transfer “juice link” to their main websites. 

Not all backlinks are good links. It is necessary to check it before you buy.  You can use backlinks checker like Semrush, aHrefs, Ubbersuggest, etc to check the quality of backlinks. If you find all backlinks look spammy and links to many foreign languages except English, better try another one. 

4. Check for Google Ban

Thousands of websites are banned by Google for illegal or spammy activities and forbid them listing from search results. If you’re thinking of build a new website on an expired domains, then it is very important to check whether the domain is banned by Google or not. 

Most probably we’re buying domains to earn some money and if it is banned by Google, then there is no point to buy it even it has quality backlinks.  You can use many online tools available to check where a domain is ban or not. 

5. Use Way Back Machine to check the past content

The best way to find out the past contents of any expired domains is by using way back machine. By using it you can easily find out the types of contents and looks of the website at that time. This will help you decide what sort of site used to be on the domain, and what the people who were visiting it were interested in seeing. 

Final Words

Last but not the least, whenever you think of buying any expired domains do considered all the points that I’d mentioned in the article. However, the only way to get success is the hard work and you never escape it. There is no shortcut to success. That’s all folks.

Any points or tricks that you want to add in addition to the points that I mentioned above is highly appreciated. 

If you find my article helpful , don’t hesitate to share it and it will help me write more and more and share with you guys.

Thanks for stopping by and spending your precious time. 



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