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Thanks for Stopping By Guys. Hi I’m Johnson Chanambam the Man behind this Blog.  I create this blog to help many bloggers who are in the tender stage and guide them to taste the success in the field of Blogging….

By Johnson Chanambam

The person behind this blog is me Johnson Chanambam a Blogger by  passion. I hail from a little known remote place of India, Manipur (Kangleipak) surrounded by ranges of nine hills. Imphal is the capital city where my sweet home is located. I started blogging in the year 2014. Since then there has been a lot of changes happen in blogging. At present I’m not giving my full strength to blogging as I’m a serving person.  But always love to blog and this will be my full-time hobby when I am home. I started my first first in the year 2014 but I couldn’t continue due to time factors. This time, against all odds leaving all constraints behind ,I move ahead towards my dream and I bought my first domain EforEasy.Com, to start a new journey. I always wanted to keep my profession and passion side by side and never try to mix them up. As writing is different from what I do, so I always write in simple topics only. I write articles mostly for the beginners like me so that they can get some information on how they can start a ‘Blog’ as easy as possible. From my articles I want to convey them the messages on how they can avoid mistakes that I commit when I started this blog and what are the things they can do to uplift the passion of blogging.

“The only way to success is to follow your passion. You’ll never feel tired if you do the one you like the most. And remember that  failure is the key to success”

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