Earn money Online From The Celebrity Bio Website ($500 per month)

If I say you can earn money online from the celebrity bio website at least $500 for doing copy and paste work without any prior knowledge of blogging. If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m giving you the exact blueprint and the case study on how people earn money online from the celebrity bio website just by doing copy and paste work. Within a few months, your website or blog can easily rank and get the approval of Google Adsense to start earning money online.

So, don’t skip any line because this article is going to help you in a great way to help you start earning money online.

Case Study on How people earn money online through Celebrity Bio website

The scope of earning money online through the celebrity Bio website is very high and the competition level in this niche is not high as compared to other niches. Most of the bloggers often ignore or underestimate this niche and only a few take this advantage and they are earning easy money.

Let’s consider the data of the website Starsunfolded that provides the celebrity data.

Consider the age of Salman Khan. Just enter the keyword Salman khan age on the Google search bar. You will find thousands of results on the Google search result page.

earn money online

On the first page of the search result on Google, we find the website startsunfolded.com. That means this particular website ranks for the keyword Salman Khan age at the top of the search result. See below the monthly search volume and number of backlinks linking from other websites to this website.

earn money online

From the above screenshot, you can see that the average monthly traffic to this website is 1M which is very huge traffic. The graph also indicates that the traffic to this website is also increasing gradually over time. Most of the traffic is coming from India and the US that means this website is earning decent money. The appearance of this website is so simple and anyone can create such type of website easily. Basically, this website uses WordPress as a platform to build up their website.

Earn money online

What are the keywords starsunfolded.com use on their website?

The most important factor that helps to rank a website on the first page of the search engine is the use of keywords that people actually search for on the internet. Most importantly, this website uses simple and easy keywords like height, age, place of birth, family, girlfriend, brother, father, mother, hobby, etc. of celebrities. Most probably you’ll land on this site if you search bio of any movies celebrities in India as this site uses an abundant amount of keywords.

If you go through many websites that provide the biodata of celebrities, you’ll find most of the data identical. That means you also can start one with no limitation of contents.

What type of keywords you should use to rank in Search Engine and Earn Unlimited Money Online

If you’re planning to make an entry into this niche, then you must work on the keywords that have low competition and high CPC. You must be thinking about how to know the low competition keywords? Yes, in this type of niche people normally confuse in choosing the right keywords to start on. This may seem easy but in reality, you’ll find difficulty in choosing the right niche.

If a novice blogger started a blog on the same niche, he/she will start working on the biodata of famous celebrities. They think this will helps in ranking their blog easily. If you’re doing alike, your blog won’t be able to rank on the first page of the search list. So, if you’re new and just started you should focus on the keywords that people really search but have low competition. For Instance, everybody knows Salman Khan is a big superstar and if you’re trying to work on his biodata your blog won’t rank. Instead, you can try for keywords like Salman Khan’s brother, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, etc.

# As a novice you can start making the biodata blog of many people who are influencers in social media, YouTubers, Singer, or even sportsperson in different disciplines.

Where can you can the data?

You can easily get the data to start working in this niche as the biodata of a person is always the same. You’ll find the same data in most of the websites that provide biodata. As a novice, you can use the data available on various platforms like social media, news, etc. However, the data you’ve compiled should be from authentic sources like a national newspaper (Times of India, The Hindu) and from reputed magazines. When your blog started growing over time, you can scale up your work and event conduct interviews of celebrities.

# Did you know you can also earn money online from Facebook?

Final Thoughts

In order to start a blog, you’ll need to buy a hosting service and a domain name of your choice. I’m not explaining this part as I’ve already written on how to start a blog to start earning money online. Remember when you buy a domain try to include the main keyword in the domain name. This will help your blog ranks in search engine results and people find easily your website.

Working on this type of niche could be a fun activity for you. You won’t find any difficulty in finding the data of your blog. Moreover, this type of niche is evergreen in general. Once written you don’t need to change the article or post except adding more and more data.

In addition, you can also add the breaking news of any celebrity as and when the news break. If you can add the news before someone else does then it will be your bonus point or boost up that will greatly help your website to be found by many people.

As usual, please don’t forget to share this article if you find this article helpful. I’ll be very happy to hear from you guys and you can connect me if you find any difficulty in starting your blog. Definitely I’ll sort out your doubt and help you reach the goal you wish.

Happy Blogging!

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