Get Approval of Google’s Adsense at One Time

Google's Adsense Approval

In today’s date, Google’s Adsense is the only ads provider that provides the highest rate of CTR (Click Through Rate) to publishers for every web page. That means more advantage for bloggers like you and me to earn more money from Adsense. It is the dream of every blogger to get the approval of Adsense and starts earning as soon as possible. With the mushrooming of blogs worldwide, the level of difficulty in approving a blog for AdSense is also increasing.

Let me tell you what happened to me when I applied my blog for Google’s Adsense approval for the first time. Honestly, my first blog was also rejected when applied for the first time. But, when I strictly followed the Adsense policies and re-applied for the second time, my blog got approved.

Now I’m enjoying the daily revenue from Google’s Adsense. Here I’m giving you the exact blueprints so that you don’t commit the same mistake as I did before and get the approval of Google’s Adsense at one time. It seems hard to get the approval of Google Adsense for your own blog. Just follow the same steps as I did and show them “Nothing is impossible“.

In this article, I’m telling you the exact steps that I followed to get the approval of Google’s Adsense at one time.

What will you learn after you finish reading this article?

  1. How to start a blog in easy simple steps?
  2. You will come to know the minimum time period of a blog to apply for Adsense.
  3. What is the minimum number of articles required to be published prior to applying for Google’s Adsense approval?
  4. Where to get high definition loyalty or copyright-free images for your blog?
  5. What are the prohibited contents?
  6. Why we need a privacy policy page?
  7. Importance of about us and contact us page
  8. What type of domain to use?

How to start a blog in easy simple steps?

If you’ve some knowledge of the internet, you can easily start a blog. These days even a layman can start a blog without any difficulty. In short, I’m telling you the steps.

That’s all need to launch a blog. You can read my previous article on how to start a blog to know in detail.

What is the minimum time period of a Blog to apply for Adsense?

What I meant the “minimum time period of a blog” here is the age of domain name you’re using for your blog. For many Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, etc. Adsense has placed restriction of domain age to 06 months. They don’t accept any blogs or sites which are less than 06 months old.

You may hear of people talking about the approval of Adsense in a month or two of starting a blog. Also, some blogs older than 06 months are not getting its approval. What I can conclude from it is that age doesn’t really matter when you have a high-quality blog that focuses more on helping your visitors. It may be an exception but by so far it’s not a rule. So, you must know the basic requirement first.

What is the minimum number of articles required to be published prior to applying for Adsense?

There is no given number of articles for a blog to be published prior to applying for Adsense. When I applied for Adsense my blog contained around 25 well-written articles with at least 1000 words per article. I recommend you to publish at least well-written 25 articles before you apply for Adsense.

Again I’m telling you that they require high-quality content articles that can give valuable information to viewers rather than your number of articles. So, utmost care is to be taken while writing an article for your blog. Put more emphasis on your writing work and don’t make any hasty decision while applying for Adsense. You can take your own time but don’t forget to publish only high-quality articles.

There is a popular saying in blogging “Content is the King“. Always remember this phrase and it will take you in a long way.

Where to get high definition loyalty or copyright-free images for your blog?

Not all the images or contents available on the internet are free. You cannot use any of the content or images available on the internet as they may be copyright protected. For the sake of “the life of your blog” please don’t use such type of contents to your blog deliberately or by mistake. Simply you will be busted for such activities and your blog will never and ever get the approval of Adsense.

Good news, guys! If there is a will there’s a way too. Dozen of loyal free image websites are available on the web. You can download from there and use any image that fits your blog. I made easy for you to find free images for your blog. Just read this article on royalty-free images for your blog and your doubts will be clear in a fraction of second.

What are the prohibited contents?

Before you apply for Google’s Adsense approval you’re required to stick to their content policies. If we failed to imply their policy google Adsense may reject our accounts. Here are some of the prohibited contents that you must know before you apply for Adsense.

  • Illegal Content – promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Intellectual property abuse – infringes copyright, sells or promotes the sale of counterfeit products, etc.
  • Adsense prohibits sites that promote the sale of products obtained from endangered or threatened species.
  • inappropriate or dangerous content.
  • Sexually explicit content

You can visit this link for all the details of prohibited content.

Why we need a Privacy Policy Page for our Blog?

The main rejection of many bloggers from getting Adsense approved is without having any privacy policy page. So every website needs a privacy policy. It doesn’t matter whether you are collecting personal data or not, your website should have a privacy policy. You must inform all your visitors about how you collect personal data, how you use that data, how long you will keep it, and how they can delete their information. Having a privacy policy on your blog or website shows that your website can be trusted and reflect transparency. In addition, it shows that your site is legit.

Does Traffic matters to get approval from Google Adsense

You shouldn’t bother about traffic for Google’s Adsense approval at one time. But it will your plus point if your blog is receiving regular traffic from your viewers which means you’re providing them value contents. However, we should never indulge in any illegal way to fetch huge traffic. Google Adsense will not give a single chance of approval if you’re getting paid traffic. Instead, you can focus to get traffic from search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and forums. If you want to earn from Google Adsense you should never use any paid traffic.

Create About us Page

Having an About page is a must for any webpage. Like the privacy policy, it also gives equal importance while applying for Google Adsense.

This particular page lets the user know that it is you behind the page. About page simply describe you and your blog. It helps in building a relationship and trust with the readers. So, don’t forget to have this page before you apply for Adsense.

Set Up Your Contact Page

Whatever opinion you are expressing in your blog may or may not be liked by your viewers. So, in order to get in touch with your viewers, sometimes they may need you to be contacted through this page. So having this page is a must and it is just like giving them a chance to speak up their likes and dislikes about your articles.

Moreover, it shows that you are customer-centric and always ready to solve any issues that may arise among the viewers. Google Adsense like to know this point from you and it is the main reason for having a Contact page in a blog. Also, you can try having more professional type emails like instead of some

Structure of your Blog

Chances for approval of your blog for Google’s Adsense at one time also depends on how the structure of your blog looks like. The next thing you should take care of is the structure of your blog after the content. Your blog should look very clear and beautiful and it must not look like a kind of messy photo gallery.

Your blog must be crystal clear and self-explanatory type. Whenever you visit any website, what is the first thing you observed? Isn’t the blog design. It is necessary to build a good looking blog and this impression you leave to your visitors will last forever and they keep visiting your site.

In short, your blog must have an easy navigation bar, search engine friendly, fast loading speed, no useless items in the menu or sidebar and make simple as far as possible.

Use Root Domain or high-Level Domain

Before you apply for Adsense make sure the domain of your blog is a root or high-level domain. The root domain looks like and not It will cost you around 10-15$ per year. So, don’t hesitate to spend money on buying your high-level domain. It reflects the professionalism and expertise inside you.

You can buy Final Words

Google's Adsense Approval

I didn’t skip a single step when I applied my blog for Google’s Adsense approval for the first time. If you’ve followed all the steps that I’ve mentioned in this article, there is no question of disapproval.

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