Happy Birthday Wishes for everyone

What do you feel when your near and dear ones remember you by sending happy birthday wishes on your birthday? Isn’t cool right, that people remember you on your special day 🙂 Just like they do, you must give back those token of love when their special days come.

Today, I’m bringing you best of the best happy birthday wishes that you can pick one and send it to anyone on their special day.

Here are the Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Everyone

Happy birthday wishes

“Today is the most special and auspicious day for you as it comes once in a year. Today is the day you should forget whatever you did in the past and start for a new journey. Enjoy the day and have a very happy birthday.”

“On this special day, may your wishes and dream come true and shine like the Sun. But don’t forget to cut the cake and give it to your loved ones. Happy birthday my dear “

” Enjoy every moment of life, never regret what you don’t have. When your birthday comes, I wish you get what you wish and let it shine at best. I wish you an auspicious and great happy birthday for you “

“Today is the birthday of my best and the most special person that I ever met in my life. On this special day may all your wishes come true and have a wonderful and best happy birthday of your life.”

“Happy Birthday 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful year, healthy, prosperous and happiness fill your surrounding. “

“Today is the day, you came to this Earth and filled our heart with love and happiness. May the almighty God help you in every sphere of your life and find the way you wish to go without any obstacles. Happy Birthday my angel “

“I’m so lucky today that I’m wishing to someone who is kind, affectionate and warm-hearted. Smile all the time and make this day the most special day of your life. Happy birthday my dear.”

“The best medicine to heal our inner sorrow is to keep smiling. You’re the one who makes me smile all the time. Wishing you a happy, prosperous, and best birthday.”

“The number of candles on your birthday cake doesn’t mean you’re growing older. It is the strength and experience you get every year. Enjoy the cake of love and have a nice and best Birthday”

happy birthday wishes

“The number of candles on your birthday cake doesn’t mean you’re growing older. It is the strength and experience you get every year. Happy birthday”

“Whenever this special day comes, may your strength and wisdom rise, all your wishes come true. But don’t forget to throw a party for us and we’ll give you a big surprise gift. Happy born day “

“Age is not a factor to decide the strength and power inside you. It’s you who can decide who you’re. Be always you. Happy Birthday”

happy birthday wishes

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you. This is the only song you can hear only once in a year. So don’t ignore it just celebrate and enjoy your day.”

” A big Birthday Hug for you. I’m not able to wait for a second to celebrate your special day. I hope this birthday is the happiest day of your life. Happy Birthday.”

“I wish I were with you on your special day to celebrate every moment. With warm wishes and a big hug on your birthday and always.”

“Shine like the Sun, Flow like the river, pure like a morning dew but never forget to remember me who always cares and loves you in every step of your life. Happy birthday my dear.”

“Today is the day you came to us and filled the gap that had been remained as void for a long time. You’re just like an angel that God has sent just for us. Take care and always and celebrate this special day with love and heart. Happy birthday my darling.”

“Love is in the air. Yes, you’re hearing the right words. This love makes you confident and acquires what you wish for on this special occasion. Celebrate your birthday with love and care. Happy birthday.”

“Whatever situation arises, I won’t forget to remember your birthday and send you a special message every year before someone else sends you any. Happy birthday and enjoy the day with your near and dear ones “

“Make a big wish on this special day and let your heart celebrate every moment of this day because birthday comes only once a year. A special happy birthday for you. “

” Enjoy this special day at the fullest as if it is the last day on the Earth. Give love to those who care you in every aspect of your life.”

“Birthday is not only a special day for you but also for us because it is the day we can celebrate and enjoy together. Hey! don’t forget to remember mom and dad on your special day as they are the ones who make this happen. Happy born day.”

“Today is not only the day to cut your birthday cake but also a day to remember you first step your foot on this earth.”

“We came empty-handed, we will go empty-handed. Life is for a moment. Don’t waste any moment and take it as the opportunity to live with a reason. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and have a great day ahead.”

“Today will be the luckiest day for me. Don’t you know why it is so? Because today is the birthday of the most special person and I’m the first person to wish her/him the best birthday wish.”

“Nowadays, people forget to wish their near and dear ones on their special days deliberately or they simply don’t remember it. It is because people are less taking care of any relationship in the name of earning money. But, I’m not among them and that’s why I always don’t forget to send you my wishes on your special days. Today is the happiest and special day for you as it is the day you came first on this earth. May almighty God bless you and make every wish of yours comes true. “

“When someone sends you a message on your Birthday don’t ignore that person even he/she is far away from you. Because caring is the only way we human survive in harmony and doesn’t matter the distance. “

happy birthday wishes

Some of the heartwarming words that you may use in the happy birthday wishes have been piled up just for you. When you send someone a token of love means you care and value that person irrespective of ages.

  • Have a good one
  • Best wishes to you
  • Lots of love and hug
  • Have a nice and extraordinary birthday
  • Whatever you wish, I second that
  • Make a wish and it is right in front of you
  • Wishing for something good and great day ahead
  • You’re the best person ever met
  • Have a sweet birthday
  • Age is just a number, your wishes matters
  • Happy birthday to my big boy
  • Let’s the birthday begin with a song
  • Be happy and don’t forget to cut the cake
  • With hugs and kisses
  • With best wishes on your birthday and always
  • Lots of love and care for you

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