How to Grow Social Network followers 2X faster?

increase your social media followers

You may be concerned about “How to grow social network followers?” if you’re building your followers in the blogosphere. 😉

Social media has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. In this modern time, people share everything from breakup to the wedding story. It’ll not be hard to say that everyone has one or more social media account.

As a blogger, you should know how to grow social network followers to increase your brand or business awareness. However, it is not an easy task to make thousands of followers, especially if you’re a beginner. You can do a lot if you’ve got a ton of followers. Here I’m talking about how to grow your social network followers faster and make a successful business.

Building a strong social media presence is not a rocket science and you also can do it…

Some Proven Methods yet effective to grow Social Network Followers

Be a Regular as well as a Consistent contributor

grow social network followers

Regular posting of contents on your social media page shows your active presence in your respective brands or blog. However, posting a few times a week will get lost in the millions of other posts and even your followers won’t notice it. To make it happen you’ve to practice for the long haul to be effective. Sometimes you may not have any time or little time to spend on social media and still, you want to get the advantage of it. In such a case fix your time of engagement with your followers but you shouldn’t break the schedule to get the result.

Use Social media Follow Button in every post of your blog

grow social network followers

Nowadays, it has become a trend to share whatever content is available in your blog or business in order to broaden the possibilities of outreach to potential audiences. In order to make your post visible to other potential audiences other than your loyal followers, you can’t ignore this option of sharing your content. It helps in increasing your online visibility.

Know What your audience wants to grow social network followers

How lucky you would be if your feelings can be felt by your followers. But, it is not like that in real. To find out what types of content they really prefer, you can check the analytics to watch out what type of content is really engaging by them. If you find out what they really like, you can increase your popularity by posting such types of content that can engage thousands of followers. You can use BuzzSumo to find many trending topics related to your niche.

Find out Who they Follow

increase social network followers

You can easily find out who your followers follow with the available data in your hand. By knowing who they follow and what they are interested in, you can easily break the ice by posting or providing more and more engaging content. In return, they’ll share the post and you get more followers like them.

#Hashtags – use wherever Possible

How to increase social media likes

Use relevant hashtags related to your niche whenever you feel it is necessary. Hashtags help people in finding relevant content on the topics that are of interest to them. It saves a lot of time searching for information on social media platforms which is bogged down by information overload. You can use unique hashtags to stand out from the crowd and attract many followers. It also helps you reach more people who are interested in your content other than your loyal followers.

Post Viral Content to grow social network followers

How to increase social media likes

Viral content is a type of content on the internet that spreads very fast, like an airborne disease, through various social platforms like social media, news websites, email newsletters, etc. It is so powerful that it can create huge brand awareness and traffic to your website or blog. You can create viral content related to your niche to attract huge followers. You can use a tool like Google Trends to find out what is trending on your topic.

Contents that elicit emotions are likely to go more viral than any other content.

Listen to your Followers

How to increase social media likes

Sometimes your followers may raise any question related to your niche in the comment box. Do listen to them and try to make them clear as soon as possible. It makes your authority over the niche as if no one could give the answer they satisfy. Thus, it tightened the bond and trust between you and your followers. What is the use of having thousands of followers on social media if you’re not going to be social?

Run some Giveaways contest

increase social media likes

Do some giveaways contest for your followers during any upcoming events. In such giveaway contest, you can easily promote your own products or samples of other companies related to your niche family and make your online presence more sensible. In some or other way it also encourages your followers to be active within your niche.

Overall Giveaways will help grow social media followers as well as the traffic of your blog or website. You can use software like Rafflepress, Wishpond, etc. to run giveaways contest.

Post only Original and quality content

increase social media followers

Always remember that your followers are all humans and not simply a number. So, whatever you’re are posting should be a realistic one that can connect directly to your followers without any doubt. You can share others’ content sometimes if you feel like your followers might miss and is related to your niche. However, posting such content more often will only irritate or lose your followers.

As far as possible try to use your knowledge insights to enlighten or spread awareness to your followers. It will help in growing your social network followers.

Final Words

In this social media age, it has become more and more important for bloggers like you and me to occupy some space to show our online presence. As long as you provide original or engaging content, your social media followers will grow more and more. They are not simply the numbers but your real audiences.

What any other strategies or methods you used to grow social media followers, do let me know in the comment box below. If you find my post helpful, don’t forget to share as it encourages me to write and share more ideas with you guys.

Thanks for stopping by and spending your precious time.

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