How to Start Freelance Blog Writing Jobs?

freelance blog writing jobs

“Starting Freelance Blog writing jobs” now a dream of hundreds of writers who want to work from home, seeing their kids grow and spending every moment with family. Freelance writing can make your dream come true if you can harness thousands of opportunities laying out there. The only thing required to catch this article writing job is the writing power of an individual that can swallow readers’ mind.

Have you ever imagined of being your own boss, with unlimited income and work as you decided. Once you become a freelance copywriter, you don’t have to work inside the cubicle all-day and only your hard work and talent will pave the way of success. Imagine the working environment without a boss or employer that you don’t need to attend. All these things aren’t a dream and can happen if you have got the determination and passion for your work.

What is a Freelancing Job?

Freelancing is a kind of job where you can do at your own comfort sitting at your cozy home without losing all the moments you shall miss if you work somewhere for someone. It is primarily online jobs you can hunt through the internet and work as per your time. In this type of job you decide your pay and don’t need to ask your boss as you’re your own boss.

If you’re on a path to work alone and have the dream of becoming your own boss, no doubt you’re in the right place. After reading this article you should be able to digest the traits that a freelance blog must possess.

Failure is not the option to reach your goal, always there must be a way

I’m listing some of the important ingredients required to start freelance blog writing jobs

1. Set up a Blog for Yourself

It will be a wise decision to start a blog of your own to flaunt your online presence. It is essential to presence online if you want to become a Freelance writer. Here, you can showcase the types of services you can offer to your clients. Thus, this platform serves both as a space for blogging and an online resume and portfolio to share with your potential clients.

You’ll find varieties of free and premium platform to start a blog. It is very easy to begin your blog and you even don’t need to know any programming language to start with. WordPress is the best option to start with as compare to other platforms.

Tools You’ll Need to Set up a Blog
  1. Bluehost – The Best hosting recommended by WordPress
  2. Domain
  3. Keyword Research tool like Google Keyword Planner
  4. Free Images for your Blog

2. Build a Portfolio to get you hired for Freelance Blog writing jobs

Many aspiring freelance blog writers often struggle with steps they should take first to start their journey of writing. The first thing you need to build is a portfolio of your work. You know the competition level is high and without a portfolio, it is hard to get a freelance writing job.

However, you need to start writing to build a portfolio. The best option to start writing is a guest post for someone’s blog. Don’t bother with any monetary benefit in the initial stage. You should focus on producing quality content consistently.

The easiest and the most convenient way to find a guest post is to reach out to bloggers in your niche.

Just offer them a handful of free articles for guest post and they will definitely publish your work if it is within their niche. Over time, your work will start visible online and remember that there is no shortage of buyers out there until you stop producing quality content.

3. Find out your Niche

“Jack of all trades, master of none” – indeed it is a true proverb that can apply in every sphere of life.

No one knows themselves that he/she is a good or a bad writer. Until you land on a topic that you’ve interest and good knowledge about it, you won’t come to know how you write. Excelling in a particular niche or topic can bring you the taste of the original writer without any doubt.

To find out what you’re good at – Just start noting down your ideas or subject you’ve interested in. Remember, during high school, we almost read about 10 different subjects at least. Some are good at Science and some are great at maths. Likewise, you must have a subject that you’re comfortable to start with. Always start with the one you can rule.

Becoming a good blog writer requires a lot of hard work, practice, and keenness. However, only your constant writing efforts won’t assure the writing improvements. You must develop some skills on how to write articles that can attract readers.

You can become one of the good freelance blog writers by following these simple and comprehensive rules but not limited to.

  • Practice a lot to develop the flow of writing and expressing ideas
  • Inspiration may come from unlikely places, so always carry a note to write it down before it is gone.
  • Write unique and appealing articles
  • You should be a good reader too
  • Make use of vocabulary
  • Be Original
  • Use simple language as much as possible.
  • Be clear at what you write.
  • Ready to solve any issues of your readers.

4. Presentation of your writing Piece

You may be a good blog writer, however, your first presentation of your work may spoil your hard work. Always remember that the first impression you leave to your clients will last forever.

That means you lost your clients not because of what you write but for what they saw in your presentation. Constant practice is needed to write an appealing or call to action presentation to attract clients.

Once you develop this skill you can easily connect with your clients. Always keep enough cornerstone piece of a writing sample ready, as any client may ask you for a sample copy when the first approach you.

5. Management of your Time

Time management is the most important factor to become a successful freelance blog writer. Everyone thinks that freelancing is a perfect job to work from home and earn millions of dollars and can work anytime.

If you’re one of them your life span in freelancing jobs is going to end soon. As a freelancer, you’ve to strictly follow the timing of your work. You can’t afford to lose your client just because you can’t deliver their work on time.

Keep a strict time table and try to follow it at any cost. You can set the delivery time for your clients and if they come to know your consistency, more and more clients will come for you. Always remember that the more time you’re saving the more money you have.

6. Be Consistent and have Patience

The main key ingredient to be a successful freelance blog writer is consistency and patience. The scope of freelancing is so vast and imagine how many freelancers like you are out there to find freelancing work.

Remember that completion level is very high in freelance blog writing jobs and you’re going to compete with the whole world. During your initial days, you may not find what you really expect and this might be one of the main reasons why many beginners quit freelancing.

Freelancing job is only for those who can wait and bear the pain of struggle. Just like blogging it is also not an overnight rich scheme. Remain focus on your main theme and wait for the opportunity to come. As long as you continue to pursue your dream, the unexpected opportunity will run after you.

7. Start Pitching Everywhere

Now, you’ve everything ready for the journey of freelancing.

  • Niche ready
  • Writing practice – done
  • Built-up portfolio
  • Set up blog

Yes, this is the perfect time to start pitching. This is the way to tell someone what you are, what you do, and how you can help someone with your service.

Always try to keep your pitch short which is only filled with important things you want to reveal. Take your own time in developing the skill of pitching. This skill will help you stand out from the crowd in the freelancing business.

Now, you can start finding freelance writing jobs. The best way to find and secure a freelance writing job is to start pitching in job boards.

As per the niche you’re working at, you can easily find your perfect writing work. Always do your homework before you start pitching as all freelancing jobs available on the market are not equal. Pitching is not a one time work. You need to hustle every day until you become an authority within your niche.

8. Social Media – The Social door for hunting freelance Blog writing Jobs

Since social media has become a part of our life, you also can take full advantage of it. You can join various writers group related to your niche or even create one for your own. However, it takes time to build up a brand of yourself.

Once, it is built you can rule your world. You can flaunt your work and achievements on this platform. Tell your followers what you are working and what type of services you can offer to them. This platform is the best and easiest instrument to attract potential clients.

Have a look at some of the best websites that offer freelance blog writing jobs

Let’s Sum Up

Freelance writing jobs are not a handy job for anyone. It is for those who can produce high-quality content constantly for clients without any hesitation. It needs you to be an authority writer rather than writing for a whole year and earn nothing.

As I said earlier, the competition level is very high as you shall be competing with writers all over the world. You’ve to do your homework and practice well before you step your foot in the freelancing world.

This article is dedicated to all the aspiring freelance bloggers who need some simple guidance to start freelance blog writing jobs. And guys, this article is incomplete without your ideas or suggestions.

Do, ping me if you’ve any point to add in addition to my points. Also, don’t forget to share this article so that it reaches as many as like-minded bloggers like you and me.

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