Importance of blogging in voicing one’s opinion?

Importance of blogging

Hey guys, if you’re new to blogging you’ll love to know the importance of blogging in voicing your opinion over the web.

In today’s era blogs have become an integral part of online culture. Every business and companies have at least a blog to reach their services and marketing of products to millions of customers. As per Statista mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. Whenever we need any information we search on Google using our smartphone. Just imagine how much of the world’s population may use smartphones to search for any information on the internet. Most of the information available on the internet is published on a website or blog which is official or unofficial. For every search on the internet, we land on one of the blogs or websites and we get the required information.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the short form of “Weblog” created by Justin Hall, while he was a Swarthmore College student in 1994.

Blogging is the way people publish their articles or posts related to any subjects like how to make money, investing, sports, automobiles, etc. It is also a kind of online journal which publish on a routine basis. It can be read online only by using smartphones or laptops.

Importance of Blogging

A few decades ago blogging had been the subject for some selective section of people. When the internet was only the story that people heard about, this few sections of the people were enjoying all the benefits and advantages of blogging. Even if you somehow happened to come across about blogging there would be no one out there to teach you. So, overall the scope of blogging was very little at that time.

With the advancement of the internet and reaching it to common people, there have been tremendous changes in the scope of blogging. Today, anyone can start a blog if they want to without any difficulty. Everything is available on the internet in a single click.

Impact of Blogging on the Society

Importance of blogging

Blogging can be done in any type of subject that you’ve exceptional or good knowledge. Knowledge is the only factor that will play an important role in deciding whether your blog will stand out of the crowd or not. In our society, no one accepts blogging as a career or a way to generate a full-time income. So, you’ve to make your way against all the odds to reach your goal.

On many occasions, bloggers of today aren’t less than an online influencer, journalist, and teacher. It depends on what niche you’re blogging at. Blogging has now become a medium for us to connect new peoples, share passions, to educate people, and even a way to earn money online (in real people do blogging for money or second way of income).

Once you know the importance of blogging and its advantages no one can stop you from proving that blogging can change anyone’s life.

How Blogging helps in voicing one’s opinion

importance of blogging

Yes, blogging can be a medium for you to connect with new peoples and let your voice be heard by them. You hear it right!

In order to reach such a state, you’ve to give a lot of time on your work and work smart. Generally, in blogging people share their new thoughts or ideas and teach people what they learned.

To start with this, you’ve to write high-quality content related to your niche and post regularly. Remember that the only way to connect with new people or pass your opinion is in the form of writing and feedback of your visitors only. Writing engaging content on the burning topics can be a game-changer for you. For instance, we search on the internet when something important event or incident occurs.

If you can write on the burning issue much quicker or better than the others you can easily gain the trust of the people. In the course of time, the number of audiences increase and your voice will reach to more and more new peoples. So, delivering good quality content in the right place and time can help you built the authority in your concerned niche.

Importance of Blogging among the younger generation

importance of blogging

Blogging can be done full time or as a side hustle. Knowing the importance of blogging by today’s younger generation is very important. This can help in shaping their future. You can’t be the master of all trades however, you can be damn good at a particular niche or subject.

In the blogging platform, you can easily expose whatever knowledge you’ve in the form of writing. Thousands of people out there are waiting to learn new things every day. So, you don’t need to bother about the audiences as long as you create high-quality content. Remember that in blogging content is considered as the King. So, as long as you give value to the king you’re not less than a king.

Thus, you can become an influencer or teacher to thousands of people out there. If you’re playing for the long term then blogging can help you build your own brand to start any kind of business or startup as an online entrepreneur. Already many bloggers are earning their name in the field of digital marketing.

How Blogging can help you earn a full-time income

earn money online

Yes, anyone can start a blog in no time. However, maintaining the blog is not like washing cloth and just hang up in the sun. It is a lot easier said than done.

That’s why 90% of the blogger fails to reach up to the mark and give up within 6 months of starting their blog. Another 6 % fail to maintain or create quality-content and they stop blogging within 2 years. Only 3 to 4 % of bloggers able to survive in the blogosphere and touch the height of success.

Your main goal should be only the creation of high-quality content and not behind money. Remember, if you’re running behind money, your journey of blogging is ending soon. It is because everything you expected can’t be meet and when your expectation fails you may lose your inclination towards blogging and this can be your main reason to quit blogging.

Some of the points you can follow to make blogging as your full-time income generator

  • Select a niche that you know better than anyone.
  • Produce high-quality content that no one has ever created (always prefer to unique content)
  • Be positive, never easily give up, hard work, discipline and most importantly work smarter and give time to your blog
  • Never run behind money.
  • Keep the focus on your work
  • Be helpful to your visitors and always ready to give them your assistance whenever they need
  • You may fail on your initial attempt but don’t take it as a failure rather use it as your strength to face more and more difficulties in the future.
  • Give importance to the quality of your work, not the quantity.
  • Post your articles regularly to keep your audience engage. The more engaging content you have the more money you’ll earn.
  • You can monetize your blog through Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

You can read this article on how to earn money just by blogging in details.

Final thoughts on the importance of Blogging

In this digital world, your voice can be heard if you know the importance of blogging and use it in a good way. Your one opinion can change thousands of people out there. So, utmost care is to be taken before you publish any type of post because in a blink your words will reach thousands of audiences. In this way you can build up the bridge of trust between you and your audience and in the long term, this can help you stand out from the crowd.

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