Profitable Niches to Start Earning Money Online

profitable niches

In this article, I’m going to explain to you the best top profitable niches to start earning money online. Earning online money has been a dream for many and after you complete reading this article you can easily start a blog of your own and start earning.

However, it is worth remembering that blogging is not an overnight rich scheme. It takes time say at least 6 months to start earning.

You won’t believe that during my initial days of blogging I earned nothing for almost 2 years. That two years were my struggling time and many lessons were learned from my failures. Remember the proverb “You Reap What You Sow”.

You can easily break the ice if you thoroughly analyze my points and in no time you can become your own boss (BYOB).

Here are the best Profitable Niches for Blogging just handpicked for You

Bank IFSC Code

profitable niches

Sounds skeptical right!

This niche comes first when talks about profitable niches among all the niches available. You can start a bank IFSC code website or blog. For instance, every time I need to go to Google search to find the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code of my bank account as I don’t remember it or never think it necessary to. Imagine how many of us may search this keyword in Google every day. As on date, there are more than one lakh IFSC codes available in India. Even if your blog or website is ranked in one or more bank branches, you can easily receive traffic on your website and start earning money online. In blogging more traffic means more money.

Event Blogging

profitable niches

As the name suggests itself “Event Blogging” is the type of blogging related to events like a festival, sports, important public events, upcoming events, etc.

Let’s take the example of the most famous cricketing event of the Indian Premier League (in short IPL). People search on various topics related to IPL even before the tournament starts. People will search for topics like the most expensive players, team captains, players’ biography, and so on.

You also can have a piece of the pie if you start your own blog or website well in the time ahead of any events. Generally, a blog or website starts earning after at least six months of publishing on the internet. Here, the main source of income will be from Google Adsense ads and affiliate marketing. Know how to get the approval of Google Adsense in one time.

Affiliate Product Blogs or Website

profitable niches

You can also start a product reviewing blog through which you earn a commission if any viewers buy from your links. You can easily get an affiliate program from Amazon very easily. Amazon is such a big online market place that there is no product you won’t find in this platform. It has a wide range of products’ categories to be chosen from. Chose your right product and start a website to earn money online.

However, you’ve to do some homework before you start earning. You should do extensive research on the keywords that have low competition and high CPC (Cost per Click). This will help in ranking your website at the top of the SERPs.

Travel Blog – one of the emerging niche among the Profitable Niches

profitable niches

If you’re an adventurous person and love to travel a lot then this niche is the best for you among all the profitable niches. Travel Blog is one of the emerging niche in the blogging industries and already many are earning in millions.

Travelling has been the part and parcel of our life. Whatever you learned and discover in your travel journey can easily be transformed into an interesting story. And then publish your experienced story on your blog or website. You can write about the places you visited and the things you came across during your journey. This will help many to know about those places easily.

Even you can also recommend various products required to carry during any travel. Thus, you earn a commission from affiliate marketing as well as from google ads.

Read here to know about How to start a Travel Blog and earn money online?

Railway PNR check

earn money online

Just like the bank IFSC code, this niche is also one of the most profitable niches above its low competition profile. Remember that the Indian railway is the largest railways network in Asia and second in the world. So you can easily imagine the number of travelers and how often they search for the PNR status before any journey.

If you can start a blog or website on Railway PNR check you can easily earn a lot of money. If you know the coding you can do it yourself or otherwise hire someone from Fiverr to start a website on Railway PNR check. Once your website rank on the Google search engine you’ll start receiving huge traffic and it means more money for you.

Such type of website has a high potential of earning and once made you don’t need any updates or maintenance until it is a severe error. You will require to have a good hosting service to start working on such a type of niche. It is highly recommended to use hostinger if you’re a beginner and as it provides high-end reliable service that can easily handle huge traffic.

Message or Wishing Blog

earn money online

This niche is the easiest niche among all the profitable niches that you can start earning money online.

Even I don’t write any wishing message for myself and instead, I search one on google to send to my near and dear ones.

There are lots of occasions like birthday, friendship day, father’s day, Mother’s Day, Teachers’ day and so on, you can create a wishing message related to it and publish on your blog.

For such type of blog, you’ve to follow all the rules that a normal blog follows like having an about page, privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc. so that you easily get the approval of Google Adsense. In addition, you have to publish at least 30 or more posts before you apply for Adsense.

Make Money on the Internet

profitable niches

This is the most search terms on the internet today as people want to do some side hustle and earn extra money without leaving their present job. The competitive level of this niche is higher than all the niches mentioned earlier. This particular keywords alone have an average of 100k to 1m search per month. If you want to enter this niche you’ve to be patient and work smart. Also don’t expect to start earning money online in a short time. It may take time to rank your keywords on the SERP.

It is always preferable to use long-tail keywords rather than short ones to speed up your ranking. My sincere advice for you is not to give up easily and think for the long term. But, people easily give up and let all their hard work goes in vain.

Health and Fitness

Nowadays, peoples are more concerned about their health and fitness and spending a lot of money on it. Even I check my weight every morning before doing anything and relief myself.

Like most of the profitable niches that require more expertise to be exposed to the public, this niche is not like one of them. Whatever the real experience you gained in keeping your body fit is the main ingredients or content to be published on your blog. This can be your real life-changing niche. People believe in things that have real-life results and no doubt they will follow you blindly.

Health and fitness have a very vast scope. It may be of health-related products, fitness coaching, weight loss program, ketogenic diet, etc. You can choose any one of them that fits you well.

The only mantra to be successful in this niche is to give people the real and actual information that you came across and ready to help them whenever they need you.

Blogging Tips

profitable niches

This niche is also one of the profitable niches as on date. This niche is considered an evergreen niche that will remain valid even after you published it for 10 years. You can write and publish whatever methods or techniques you use to make your blog a successful one.

Most of the novice bloggers require tips and advice in building up their blog which means they require bloggers like you to help them in their needs. You can help them through your blog by letting them know the things that are required to be done in starting a blog. On the other hand, you get your desire traffic and even recommend them good hosting and domain services for some commission.

Final Thoughts on Profitable Niches

Well, guys, you are reading this line means you read my whole post and I really appreciate it. Whatever profitable niches I’ve mentioned in this article aren’t my imagination and in real people are already earning money from it. So, if you’re one the blogger struggling to earn money online, you can choose one and have a try. However, I don’t guarantee anyone that someone picks any of the niches and gets success overnight.

The final outcome of your blogging journey on those niches directly depends on how much effort you put on and how much time you can wait. Blogging is not for one who wants to get success in a short time. You need to work smart and wait for your time to come.

As always, if you find my article helpful please don’t forget to like and share, and your single click on the share button encourages me a lot to share and write more and more.

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FAQs on the Profitable Niches

What is a Niche in a blog or website?

A niche is a subject that you’ve interest or enough information to start a blog or website.

How important is a niche in starting a blog?

The selection of a niche is as important as organizing your dress inside your cupboard. We don’t want to mix things up and there comes the importance of niche. If you’re working on a particular blog related to providing blogging tips which means your niche is on blogging related things. You may post all things related to blogging only.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is very easy nowadays. You simply follow this link and will get your desire knowledge.

How to select a profitable niches?

There is no exact answer on how to select a particular niche as a profitable one. Whatever niches you choose is profitable if you work smart and harder. But don’t expect to earn money quickly. You need to give enough time to grow your blog. One more thing, if you’re are running behind money you can’t become a successful blogger.

Is keyword research is necessary in starting a blog?

Yes, definitely it is necessary to carry out extensive keyword research on the niche you’re going to work. It’ll help your blog rank on the SERPs and people easily find your blog.

What are the basic requirement to start a blog?

You may need to buy a hosting service, a domain name and a platform like WordPress or Blogger.

What are the free tools available for keyword research?

You can use free tools like Google Planner, BuzzSumo, Ubbersuggest, Google trends, keyword generator, Google Search, etc.

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