Selling products on Amazon – a way to Earn Money Online

selling products on amazon

Selling products on Amazon was never been easy a few years back. With the increasing trends and awareness among the people has compelled the giant e-commerce to make its policy easy and comprehensive to make the common people a seller on amazon.

The popularity of e-commerce is increasing day by day and is there is no question of slowing down in the near future. There are more than 2.1 million active sellers on Amazon and is ever increasing. Now Amazon has become the synonyms of online shopping among the people.

There are several ways you can earn money by selling products on amazon. Even without having any physical inventory to sell, you can still earn money from amazon.

Here are the ways you can earn money online by selling products on Amazon.

Selling products on amazon

Selling your own Products on Amazon

What could be better than selling our own products online and reach it to millions of customers?

This is the best option if you can produce and sell your own products. There will be no headache of the pricing of products and the price is decided at your fingertips. you don’t have to run after a middleman to procure products for selling. You just need to take care of the cost of raw materials needed to make your own products.

Amazon has launched a program for individual private brand Amazon accelerator. It helps many manufacturers to launch their own brands and innovative products exclusively on Amazon. Thus, Amazon helps many individuals to become their private brand supplier.

Sell hand made products

Amazon is the best place to convert your craft-making and beautiful art into successful businesses.

Today, many buyers are looking for unique products that are not easily available anywhere for buying in bulks. Here, your handmade or handcrafted items will be an easy target for those buyers searching for unique items online.

Perhaps, this online platform is the best opportunity for you to sell your handcrafted items in bulk where it is almost impossible to sell on the physical stores. Some of the benefits of selling handcrafted products on amazon are higher value, customization, skill refinement, and many more.

You can start selling products on amazon in any of the following categories.

  • Artwork
  • Baby, Beauty and Personal Care
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Handbags
  • Outdoor and Home decor
  • Jewelry and other accessories
  • Kitchen and related items
  • Foods and beverages, especially organic products
  • Pet supplies – accessories and food
  • Sports goods
  • Stationery supplies
  • Party supplies
  • Toys, games, and much more.

Sell your products through Amazon – FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Amazon offers services like FBA for those who want to sell their products quickly without any physical stores. When you opt for this service you can focus on your business rather than thinking about selling and shipping products. You can easily procure items from a market place like Alibaba and let amazon collect the products from your doorstep. When a product is sold you need to pay some percentage to amazon as a service charge. Know the details of the fees here.

Delivering products is also fast and reliable as compared to traditional self shipping. Timely delivering of products means more trust by your customers and thereby, increasing your sales.

However, you can also store and ship items by yourself and it may sometimes profitable to you.

Benefits of FBA

  • No storage problem
  • fast shipping
  • standard packaging
  • Selling fast
  • Timely payment, etc.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Seller

Many people are making their living just selling amazon products through the affiliate associate program. If you’re running a blog or website, you can easily get the approval of the amazon associate program without any issue like any other affiliate program.

After getting approval of Amazon affiliate you can start listing products straight to your blog or website. Another method to earn money from amazon affiliate is through reviews of products. When anyone clicks and buys products from the link you provided in your blog, you get some commission.

Nowadays, we don’t directly trust any online seller and that’s why we always read products review before buying any. So, writing a good preview of the products listing on your blog or website will help you earn more money. Here is the complete referral affiliate commission by Amazon.

Selling Products on Amazon in Wholesale

Selling your products on Amazon in wholesale is also a good idea to earn money in the long term. Before you start this business, you need to carry out proper research to find out the top-selling products. After you identify products to sell you can start procuring from a market place like Alibaba in bulk. You can read here to know how to start buying from Alibaba.

Most probably, the competition of the top-selling products on Amazon are very high. So, ensure you buy products at a cheaper rate without compromising the quality to get profits. You may need to list your products’ price cheaper than your competitor seller to drive-in customers.

Become an Amazon Influencer

In the era of social media, everything from news to online shopping is greatly influenced by many famous public figures. This is the chance for you if you’ve tons of social media followers. Not everyone will be qualified for this program.

You must have an account on any of the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram to qualify for this program. Your approval on this program entirely depends on the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence.

Only those who have enough followers to influence amazon products can get the approval of this program. It is simply the extension of the Amazon associate program. In this program, as an influencer, you’ll get an exclusive page with a vanity URL to showcase your recommended products to your followers. When your followers buy products form your page, you earn a commission.

Final Thoughts

If you’re reading this line, that means you’ve read the whole article now. Whatever methods you adopt to start selling products on Amazon, it all depends on you and how much effort and time you put to make your business successful. The only mantra to become a successful seller is not to give up anytime easily whatever situation arises. Once you build up the bridge of trust with your customers, the direction of your business will automatically cross the success line.

If you’ve any suggestions please feel free to drop in the comment box. As usual please don’t forget to share this article if you find the information in this article helpful.

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