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It comes with a lot of features like intensive keyword research tools, site audit, backlinks checker and many more.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The user interface of SEMRUSH has a little learning curve. Anyone can easily use and learn it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The cost of this SEO tool is little high. However, you won’t regret with the services provided by SEMRUSH.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In this era of digital marketing, the online marketing tools have gained a lot of importance and this article on SEMRUSH review is about one such leading online marketing software.

SEMRUSH is a complete package of all the necessary online marketing tools a marketer or SEO professional ever needs. The features and toolkits provided by SEMRUSH have made it a top player among the assisting software for producing the digital content. A complete user-friendly interface of SEMRUSH is currently used by many small, medium, and large companies who rate it as the best in the business.

No wonder with the use of updated technology and by providing an all in one interface, fulfilling almost every requirement of online marketers and SEO professionals. The range of tools it offers is wide and capable of pulling out detailed, accurate, and comprehensive performance.

Popular reviews state that SEMRUSH exceeded all the expectations in terms of its powerful performance and features which out-did most of the similar software and players in the field. Even after being a paid platform, the premium software is available at a highly affordable cost which is nothing in front of the tools and services it is offering. New users can sign-up for a SEMRUSH free trial too. Keeping the popular opinion aside, let’s run a quick analysis of SEMRUSH review all by ourselves.

SEMRUSH Review on major tolls it provides and it’s uses

1. Keyword Magic tool

semrush review

The selection and application of suitable keywords is an essential part of SEO marketing and a game-changer one. SEMRUSH provides you with an unbelievably huge collection of trending keywords from all around the globe that may number to 17 billion.

Most appropriate keywords for your article can be found easily through the sort and filter features, also a well-organized list of potential keywords for the given topic. The keywords can be sorted on the basis of their volume and complexity in usage.

A separate questions only filter is also available for keywords which are used as questions.

2. Keyword Analyzer

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Keywords play a significant role in bringing in organic audiences. These should be thoroughly analyzed in order to ensure its potential and it’s a contribution to the article. The user can enter any keyword and SEMRUSH provides them with a complete in-depth analysis of the keyword, including its national and global volume, difficulty, SERP, trend, associated keywords, etc.

Keyword Analyzer tool is a new feature and is embedded into the keyword magic tool. It has a lot of features and by using it you can easily filter keywords and export them by clicking the “Add to keyword Analyzer” button. You can choose and add up to 1000 keywords at a time.

The volume of keywords used in national and global terms refers to the average number of times the keyword was searched in a month. The trend shows the data for the same for a year. SERP feature helps in identifying the total number of URLs displayed when the keyword is used for search. These types of data are really essential to bring in more traffic.

3. Position Tracking

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Simply put, the Position Tracking feature of SEMRUSH helps the user by giving a detailed insight into the rankings or position of the website in Google. The use of keywords stands as one of the major elements that influence the ranking of the website. So a daily analysis can be done using SEMRUSH to identify the changes in trend whenever the keywords are altered or modified. Also, the report can be filtered to any specific location or any device type. It is really beneficial for the owner as they will be able to find the right combination of keywords to improve their ranking.

4. Domain Overview Tool

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A domain is a face and the identity of a website. SEMRUSH gives a complete picture of your website as viewed by the audience. It studies and categorizes the audience into organic and artificial traffic, how much time do they spend on the website, how the changes in display advertising affect the numbers, etc. It also helps in comparing up to five websites of the competitors, identifying the changes, and their impacts on their audience. The owner is benefitted by these research tools, which identify the trend and keep an eye on the performance of competitors.

5. Organic Research

Organic research is the first step an owner undergoes while setting up an SEO campaign to boost the traffic. Organic traffic refers to the audience who visit the website without any kind of external influence. Keywords, being the most important criterion that brings in organic traffic, it makes them really important for the website. The organic research feature of SEMRUSH provides data on the position of competitors, the reasons for their ranking, the keywords used by them, the trend of their movements through the ranks, etc. This covers the export of complete reports on the competitors.

6. Keyword Gap

A similar feature to Organic Research but it focuses only on the keywords used by the top competitors and provides a well-detailed analysis and report. The major function of the tool is to compare and find the differences in the used keywords and draw an in-depth report on the same. It covers the common and similar keywords used and how it affects their rankings. SEMRUSH covers the source of traffic too, to identify and sort the audience on the basis of organic, artificial, or PLA. It is really helpful for the owner in identifying the missing keywords, strengths, and weaknesses of each keyword by comparing it with the competitors, the number of unique keywords used, etc.

7. Website Review

A proper analysis of the backlinks, URLs, keywords used is the major functions of the website review tool. This tool can be associated with site audit tools but functions before the latter. Both are considered with the health of the website, right from the domain to each and every factor is put under check to ensure the balanced functioning of the website.

8. Site Audit

Unlike website review, Site Audit runs a detailed analysis on the website to troubleshoot problems, if any, and take measures to fix them as soon as possible. The Site Audit tool of SEMRUSH enables more than 120 checks on the website. It is essential to boost the performance of a website which lags behind by identifying and fixing the issues it is facing. The status of the previous audits is also stored which can be exported in order to cross-check anytime. The efficiency of the Site Audit tool in troubleshooting the problem right from the deep root to all the way to the top is a major advantage for the owner.

9. Backlinks Analytics

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The backlink analytics tool of SEMRUSH is highly effective in creating a portfolio of backlinks of the competitors. It records almost all of the actions related to the domain links of the competitors, 5 sets as the maximum. The tool collects the changes in inclusion and exclusion of new and old backlinks and updates the data every two weeks. It helps the owner in giving a quick insight into the comparison between the various backlinks used and what effect it had on the site’s performance and traffic. SEMRUSH also provides with enough number of filters and sorting methods to view the tabular data conveniently. The usage of backlinks is a serious factor considered by the ranking algorithm of Google. SEMRUSH with its proficient set of tools makes sure the owner is benefited from the Backlink analytics and associated tools.

10. Backlink Audit

Many of the sites face the issue of penalties by Google for promotion or presentation of toxic backlinks on their site. The major function of the Backlink Audit tool is to identify such toxic backlinks and create a disavow file to take off the charge of penalty on the website. When the website gets involved in such suspicious links, the Backlink Audit tool alerts the owner and sends the disavow file to Google. The owner can conveniently sort and filter the spammed backlinks manually through the Backlink Audit tool of SEMRUSH. Google won’t penalize the website upon receipt of the disavow file which is created by the Backlink Audit.

SEMRUSH REVIEW: Why SEMRUSH and How is it better than any other keyword research tool?

semrush review

SEMRUSH has always been given a point lead for its efficient marketing tools which are unique and personalized. Let’s take a proper look at why and how SEMRUSH is better than the other SEO software in the market.

Providing direction to the Content team

Basically, keywords stand for immense importance to an SEO campaign. It is indeed a technical job to find the best available keywords to support the work which may help your work position in a better ranking. SEMRUSH provides the users with an unbelievably huge collection of trending keywords that numbers to nearly 17 billion. It also provides the users with the sort and filter feature which will help in easy identification of potential keywords for their work. A lot of SEO professionals face this problem, as a lack of proper keywords stands as a hindrance to them and their work from making into Google rankings.

Clear insights into the Owners about their business

Most business owners fail to recognize that the money they invest on the mere promotion of their site is not enough. It happens especially when the site needs some serious fixations on its structure and performance. Even after investing a good amount, this may be the best possible reason that the site didn’t make into the Google rankings. Simple technical issues with the site like a broken link, image, or files at the page, pages that don’t have any titles, etc can be a serious problem. SEMRUSH hereby assists the owners in building protection for the site, which will automatically detect any such errors and either fixes it automatically or alerts them to take necessary actions.

The Simplified User Interface of SEMRUSH

Undoubtedly SEMRUSH has one of the best user interfaces that an SEO marketing toolkit can have in the business. Taking the number of features it provides into consideration, the User Interface is kept simple and easily operable. SEMRUSH maintains this simplified way of conducting operations right from the beginning stages to the export of reports in PDF format. It makes the whole process look so much easier and the data is properly formatted and well organized for an easier and clearer understanding of the projections. It’ll become more clear when you read this SEMRUSH review thoroughly.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

SEMRUSH plays the role of a really good virtual assistant when it comes to the social media interaction of the website. A number of social media platforms are used to promote the website, which creates a unique and distinctive profile for them. Therefore it also carries equal importance as the website concerned with the tools used and how audiences view your site or social media profiles. SEMRUSH runs an in-depth analysis of the interactions of the public on the site’s social media pages, the posts made, etc. It also carries down an analysis of the competitors, their records of performances which gives a better understanding of their social media campaigns.

Monitoring and Marketing made easy

Last but not the least, SEMRUSH and it’s highly efficient digital marketing toolkit have made the job very easy for the website owners. They have a clear insight now on which all keywords to use and track the reaction of the audience to those keywords. From a basic task like a plagiarism checker, SEMRUSH just increases the scale further to even assisting the owners in analyzing the behavior of the audience.

An analysis is all we need and an accurate one is enough to find and fix the problems associated with the website. The performance of the site is compared and analyzed using expert tools that make sure the data extracted is clean and good. Each of these analyses leaves with a clear solution as to where to improve the website.

SEMRUSH Review hereby states that it is a highly efficient, tactical software for building your site and audience. Considering the premium options, SEMRUSH has multiple premium options that come in with different sets of features. So apart from the free plan, the new users are allotted with a SEMRUSH free trial run. The Pro version leaves a SEMRUSH 30 day trial for its new users. This was previously SEMRUSH 14 day trial, extended due to immense response from the audience which underlines what the SEMRUSH Review states.

Final Thoughts on SEMRUSH review

If you’re reading this line that means you’ve thoroughly analyzed the details of this semrush review and must have known its ability. In today’s you must use SEMRUSH as your handy tool to make your blog or website grow. Only good quality content is not enough to rank your blog, you need to do proper keyword research.

If you find this article helpful please don’t forget to share it and spread the words. It encourages me to write and share more and more valuable articles related to blogging.

Happy Blogging,

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Overall ratings

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This article is solely dedicated to all the new users and bloggers. I felt it necessary to write SEMRUSH review for many bloggers especially the novice to guide them on how to use it and its advantage before they buy one. Before you buy it you can try the SEMRUSH FREE TRAIL here without any cost.

Disclaimer: The links of various products and services displayed on the SEMRUSH review may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through my affiliate link, I earn a small commission which helps me to run this blog at no additional cost to you. It encourages me to work more and harder to provide valuable information to all viewers. Thanks for your support.

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