How to Create SEO Friendly Content for your Blog?

SEO friendly content

SEO friendly content writing is as important as putting salt when you cook food. Nowadays, everyone is becoming aware of the importance of blogging and hence each and every company owns a blog on their website to connect with their customers. A blog can easily connect with your potential customers by letting them know the details of how your business work and what are the future prospects.

A lot of new bloggers are writing articles putting soul and body. However, they didn’t get the result of what they expect and remain unseen. In this article, I’m bringing you the importance of SEO friendly content writing while maintaining a blog. A good and talented writer you may be, however, what is the use of posting articles if no one is there to appreciate your hard work. After you read this article, you can easily overcome those fear and write as many articles. As long as you write good and quality content that values your audiences, there will be no shortage of audience out there.

Some of the Vital Points to be included in your article to make SEO friendly content

1. Keyword Research is the main key to create any kind of SEO friendly content

SEO friendly content

If you want to survive and move forward in the field of blogging, it has become a necessity to learn the value of the keyword. In addition to excel in your niche, you’ve to do some keyword research related to your article. In general, keywords are those words or phrases that people search more frequently.

Before you start writing your article, do some keyword research using free keyword research tool like Google Keyword planner to find out most search words or phrases. As a beginner, it is always advised to go for low competition keywords with monthly search volume up to 1k. The best way to attract unique visitors is to use the long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords itself describes the meaning of what a particular visitor wants. If you include those keywords in your article, your chances of finding in the SERP is very high.

As a newbie blogger, always try to focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords over a single short keyword. Often shorter keywords have high competition and as a novice, you’re not advised to compete with those experts, as it only demotivates you when you don’t get the result. You should use those keywords in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the clarity and quality of the content for the sake of Search Engines. The rule of creating high-quality SEO friendly content includes proper use of keywords and not stuffing it. Remember, whatever you’re writing is for the people and not for Search Engines.

2. Know Where to put Keywords

seo friendly content writing

I’m assuming that you’ve found out your favorite keywords. Now, it’s time to keep your keywords in their respective place. It is imperative to know that you can use a maximum of 2% keywords of all the total number of words in your article. Here I’m listing the main area to put your keywords to make your article SEO friendly.

Title or Headline

SEO friendly content writing

Make your title an attractive and catchy one that can impress your visitors. The first thing that any visitors see is the title of the blog. Your content may be of high-quality, however, it is of no use if no one visits just because of the title. To save your hard-work piece, you need to create an eye-catchy title for your article. There are a lot of online tools available to create dozens of unique titles for your blog. Make sure to include the main keyword in the Title of the blog.

For example, your keyword is “Blogging in India” and your title should be like “Why blogging in India is not popular among youths?” Use the H1 tag for your main title and H2, H3 for sub-titles. It is a good practice to follow the hierarchy of using Tags.

Meta data Description

Meta data for seo content writing

In simple words, the Metadata description is the summary of your blog that shows in the SERP. Google says that its algorithm doesn’t use metadata directly for ranking any website. However, you can benefit indirectly from it if people find you from search engines and get more click. Google considers it as a signal of having good quality content that people love your blog and thus help in ranking up your blog. So, without thinking twice, include your focus keyword in the metadata to make your blog visible online. If the Google search engine finds the matched searched keyword in the meta description, your focus keyword will be highlighted which results in inviting more visitors.

Use Focus Keyword in the Introduction

Focus keywords in the introduction

Good SEO friendly content writers include an introduction as a part of their articles and are considered as the best practice to highlight your work. Having a good introduction in your article increases the chances of getting more visitors than any articles that don’t have any intro part. When you put your focus keyword in the first sentence of your article, visitors will tend to spend more time on your article, and thus the bounce rate decrease.

Use User Friendly URL’s

user friendly URL

Try to make the URL of your blog or page as short as possible. As per Google, the first 3 to 5 words of any URL are getting more value in the ranking factor. So, you need to include your focus keyword in the URL of your blog for better ranking and visibility to your audiences. Short URLs are convenient and sharable by your readers as it is very easy to click, copy, and share in their own posts. In addition, your content is likely to be engaged in if it’s associated with your focus keyword that people are searching for. Overall, the short URL is far better than a long URL in making SEO friendly content.

Use your Focus Keywords inside the Body tag in a Natural Way

If you’re writing an article that you thoroughly research and have good knowledge, your focus keywords should come naturally in your writing. Don’t force to include your keywords where they sound unnatural. As I mentioned earlier, you can use a maximum of 2% keywords of all the total number of words in your post, care is to be taken to avoid overuse of keywords. Overuse of keywords will harm your website. Always remember that you’re writing for your audiences and not for search engines to only rank higher. Whenever I write any blog post I always put my viewers on priority to have an interest in my work. As long as your visitors show interest in your work, no one in this world can stop you rank in the SERP.

3. Importance of Lengthy Content in SEO Friendly Content Writing

Google loves lengthy content

Google loves lengthy articles with content-rich over shorter articles with less content. To enable occupy your space in the ranking war, keep a minimum of 2000 to 2500 words and maximum of infinity. It doesn’t mean that you lose the quality of your work over quantity. Writing content that can engage many viewers without any force is the main thing you should focus to make a unique SEO friendly content.

However, for every blogger especially the beginners, creating engaging content that can attract visitors is the biggest challenge they’re facing today. As and when you regularly practice writing and research the topic before you pen down, this beautiful culture will automatically develop in you. As per recent updates from Google, sites having content with more quality and value words are ranking higher than those sites with shorter content. When your post or article has valuable content, the dwell time of your readers’ increases and Google takes it as a good signal that your site has relevant content. What I mean Dwell time is the “actual time that a user spends on a page before returning to SERPs”. Thus, it helps in building a bridge of trust between you and your readers thereby, making you an authority blogger.

4. Use Images to Optimize your Article

It is very true that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In every website or blogs, you’ll find a lot of images relevant to the posts and in fact, a post is incomplete without it in this visually dominated world.

During my initial days of writing, I always put my body and soul into my writing to create a unique piece. I didn’t bother putting images into my work and I just simply published without any. Later on, I found out that articles with relevant images have a higher engagement rate. Higher engagement means a higher ranking in SERPs. Then I try putting relevant images into my post to experiment on “How the use of images affects our sites?”. The result was astonishing! I should’ve learned it before and this is also one of the factors why my site is not ranked higher in the SERPs.

The use of images relevant to your articles enhances SEO and your chances of finding by Google increase. So, it is necessary to include your focus keywords in the alt attribute to provide image alternatives to search engines. As you know, search engines can’t interpret images and this alt tag provides texts which enable search engines to read. When Google’s crawler bot or other search engines bot crawl your pages and find images properly formatted with alt text contribute in ranking on SERPs.

Can I use any images found in the Internet?

No, you can’t you any type of images found just by googling on the internet as they may be copyright protected. However, you can approach the owner of the images by visiting their websites and request to use it in your blog or website. But, this is not a perfect idea and sometimes you may require multiple images at a time and you keep visiting the owners’ website and begging to use it in your blog. Instead, you can use royalty-free images that are found on the internet for free.

5. User-Friendly or Responsive Design

seo friendly content

When your visitors visit your blog for the first time, the only thing they observe in their minds is the appearance of your blog. Responsive and attractive design websites have more affinity to attract visitors than normal websites with no user-friendly or responsive design. Remember that the first impression you made to your visitors will last longer if your blog has all their requirements. We often ignore this part while giving more importance to writing SEO friendly content. Your website or blog should be compatible both in desktop and mobile interfaces.

6. Speed of your Website

SEO content writing

How your visitors behave to your blog depends on how fast your website pages load. People want to get their requirements just in a click without even spending a second. So, the chances of engaging your web page are high if the loading speed is within 2 sec (max) otherwise it won’t take time to run away from your site. It is also one of the factors that Google considers in ranking a website on SERP. Your site or blog may have quality content, however, slower speed can kill all your hard work and money. So, I recommend using a high-speed hosting service that can give more return on your work. Don’t hesitate to invest money in it as it is the backbone of your blog next to quality content.

7. Plagiarism

Seo friendly content writing

The most important thing that you should consider while writing SEO friendly content is plagiarism. Plagiarism means duplicate content. This is the most common problem facing by all writers today. Your hard work and the time you invest in extensive research while creating high-quality SEO friendly content can go in vain because of duplicity. You should maintain the percentage of plagiarism to a maximum of 7%. Even good and pro writers run of ideas and sometimes they sneak into other articles to drive out the ideas. As you know, the purpose of writing an article is to spread awareness or knowledge so I think It is a good practice to gain knowledge by reading someone’s article. Before you publish your article you can easily check plagiarism by using online free tools like Duplichecker to check out the percentage of plagiarism of your blog post.

8. Update your post frequently

User friendly seo content

Frequent updating of the old posts is a good practice to attract more visitors to your blog. Google considers it as a signal and its crawler bot crawls again when you update the post. It helps in ranking your blog in the SERPs. What you’ve to do is to put relevant updates or changes according to the changes happen in your niche. This can be done with proper research on your niche. Everything changes as time passes and your blog post should be. Your only work is not just posting once and remain idle. Even if you rank first in the SERPs, visitors won’t read your article if it is not updated, and eventually, your rank drops. So, remain vigilant to any changes or updates in the niche you’re working at and change accordingly to your old post for a better SEO friendly content.

9. Solve your readers problems

SEO friendly post

Did you ever imagine, why your reader ask so many questions?

The main reason behind their curiosity is the bridge of trust you’ve built as an authority blog. They believe that you can give the answer to what they need. So, solving queries on time helps to make a stronger bond between you and your readers. Sometimes you may need a break from your work and prior to your break, you should remind your readers so that you keep maintaining the bond. So, keeping a good relationship with your readers is also one of the factors to increase your visibility online.

10. Social Media a New door for SEO friendly Content

user friendly content

Social media is also another door to create high-quality SEO friendly content. Million of users are available on social media to read your post if you have engaging content. Focus on creating only high-quality content and post them on social media regularly. The more you expose engaging content on this platform the more readers will start following you. Nowadays, people not only use Google or any other search engine to find their stuff online. They are using Social media like Facebook and Twitter as search engines to get their stuff online.

Let’s Sum up

After reading this article, you must have come to know how important it is to have SEO friendly content in your blog if you want to be visible online by your readers. You need to focus your writing on quality content and SEO to rank higher in the SERPs. It is of no use if no one visits your blog to read what you write. So, you need to implement all the techniques in your writing to be found by your readers. Always consider your readers more important than search engines.

If you find my article helpful, please don’t forget to share to reach more readers like you. Without your suggestion this article is incomplete and I’m waiting for any suggestions that should include in this topic. Please feel free to drop any ideas related to this topic in the comment box.

Thanks for spending your precious time.

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