The Magic of Micro Niche Blog Ideas to #1 Rank in Google


The idea of finding a “micro-niche blog” is buzzing news across the blogosphere. Many people start blogging sites for one or another reason. Some of them start blogging as a hobby and some of them for money. But a few of them able to survive and maintain consistency. The main reason behind this meager rate of success among the bloggers is demotivation. Everyone can start a blog in no time by following various simple methods available on the internet today. When it comes to the question of surviving, it is a little tricky. But why? You know, about 600 million bloggers are active on the internet today. If you want to become a successful blogger, you have to fight against this figure.

The spoiler

Whenever a newbie blogger starts a blog, they usually keep themselves busy in finding a good niche on burning topics to get started. But, find nothing which matches their idea that can sustain in the long run. Generally, a lot of ideas come up in the mind of new bloggers. Even if you start a blog with a combination of different topics, you may not find audiences because people want a place where they can get a piece of information on a particular theme and its related knowledge at a time. You will be in a heartbreaking situation if the result is poor even after your hard work of many months. I can tell you with a guarantee that each and every blogger in the world came across this situation. If you can cross this obstacle you will definitely join the elite club of successful bloggers. Unfortunately, most of us fail and leave the world of blogging because of confusion and sentimental emotion. Here comes the importance of micro-niche blog ideas that can help you even you are not a pro.

Micro Niche Blog Ideas Can Save you #

Hey, guys, here is the good news. Don’t get out of the context. The Micro Niche Blog Ideas will give you solace in the time of your dejection.

Let’s know first what this Micro-Niche Blog is?

Let’s try to simplify what is micro-niche blog ideas – Just think of a normal blog on a particular product say shoes. In this niche category, you can classify into shoes for men, women, and children. In this type of niche all persons, irrespective of men and women will visit your site because they can get the information about the things they want to buy and in turn, your conversion rate will be high.

Now, in the case of the micro-niche blog, you’ve to pick a particular category. In the above-mentioned example, you’ve to choose shoes in the men’s category. It is obvious that your blog may receive less traffic than the former one because only men will search in Google to visit your site. However, the probability of buying products from your site or affiliate links is very high. They are coming to your site because the audience is more interested in buying your products or services as you provide exactly what they are looking for.

Thus, a micro-niche is a part of a niche that focuses on a particular segment or a part of any given niche.

Why you should start a Micro-Niche Blog?

In general, starting a blog on a particular niche is a little tricky job. No one is born genius and always there are shortcomings somewhere. During our high school life, we used to learn different subjects say science, history, mathematics, geography, etc. But we didn’t find interest in all subjects. Someone will be good at science and someone in mathematics.

In a micro-niche blog, you don’t have to work for day and night constantly. It is very easy as compared to a broader niche blog where you have to create high-quality content every time. After all, we are all humans and it isn’t normal that a person knows everything. Here, you have to create a blog on a particularly small niche where you can write or explain in detail to let your audience know better. The number of visitors is very less in this type of blog. But the conversion rate is very high as compared to any broader niche. So, you give your audience a very useful and informative message to let them think you are the only one who can provide their needs. You can also check on how to get organic traffic to your blog for greater conversion.


  • It is very easy to create content for a micro-niche blog as compared to any broader niche.
  • You don’t have to put many man-hours for developing a niche blog.
  • For this type of blog – 03 to 04 pages is enough to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Higher rate of conversion.
  • Better chances of solving problems for a specific group of audiences.
  • Earn money in a short period of time.
  • Unlimited numbers of niche ideas you can create on different product categories.
  • Your micro-niche site can rank higher than any authority blog if your blog contains valuable information even your site is a newbie.

You can start an interesting Micro-Niche Blog#

In short, it entails the same resources required to open a normal blog. With the constant updates in the Google algorithm, there has been a lot of changes in the website ranking system. Your website can be ranked higher than any authority site if your blog contains highly valuable information. So, the main focus will be creating authority content on a particular part of a niche. It is a lot easier task.

Steps -1 for your Micro- Niche Blog – finding a Niche

The first step is to find a niche that you can deliver quality content to your viewers. There are numerous niche ideas available today to start with. You have to choose only one for a particular blog and make sure that you are comfortable with the niche. Utmost care is to be taken while making your choice because your passive income is directly proportional to what type of niche you’ve chosen. The best way to choose a profitable niche is to test yourself. You can start thinking of what you are really good at? What knowledge you have for a particular product, services or business? What kind of quality information you can give to your viewers. These will help in identifying your niche.

Before starting your blog you need to check your competitors first. You have to analyze and understand the size of the market you wish to get in and look for micro-niches within it.

You can also use various online tools available for free for finding niche ideas

– Google Suggest

Google is a very innovative and smart search engine ever created by humans. Almost all of us search on google for anything we want to know. Even we asked a silly question to google like – How to sleep at night? Google will show you millions of related answers in a fraction of second. Let me tell you how google can be used to extract ideas for creating micro-niche sites.

Whenever we type any words or sentences in the google search bar, google shows you so many related words or sentences to your query. Just see the image below.

create micro niche blog

In the above image, google suggests various results related to micro-niche ideas. Whatever we search on google is stored in their database. Guess how many have to search on google for any kind of information. All the related ideas suggested by google are the keywords people generally search for micro-niche ideas. Taking advantage of google you can make various profitable micro-niche sites that can sustain in the long run. You should also consider the volume of search before starting your micro-niche blog. Consider for less volume and high CPC niche. This will make your blog a source of passive income as long as your niche is in the trend.

micro niche blog idea


You can select from a wide range of SEO tools available on the internet today. Some are free services and some are highly paid services. But getting an SEO service for a newbie blogger is somewhat costlier. You have to pay at least 10$ a month to run SEO on your site. But why should you invest that much money when you even don’t know whether your niche blog will have a long life span or even value for the audience. Without spending a dime for any SEO service you can start your blog. Now comes the savior of newbie blogger – Neil’s Patel Here is the screenshot.


You can easily sign up with your Google account to start using this service instantly without spending a cent. Like any other SEO tools, you can find various keywords related to your search. You can change the country where you want to target your micro-niche blog. In the above image, I search for the micro-niche blog ideas by selecting India. It means the keywords results are generally searched by viewers of India. By using those keywords you can easily get your potential audiences from India. Likewise, you can change the country type and target your audiences accordingly.

magic of micro niche

Quora is the best platform to get answers to any of your queries. You can get huge knowledge in various filed like marketing, gadgets, retail, fashion, lifestyle, etc. The more you explore the more you gain knowledge. It is worth spending time exploring quora for every blogger irrespective of a novice or an experienced one. This platform is also a source of organic traffic for any website.

By using quora you can start fetching micro-niche blog ideas to start your blog in no time. Like what you search on google engine, you just type the word or sentence related to your microblog in the search bar. It will show you related niche ideas of your parent niche. For example, if you search for iPhones, quora will show you topics related to iPhones. The image below will help you understand the main idea. Thus, you can make sub-niches on iPhones like iPhone’s application micro-niche, type of iPhones and so on.

# Tips – You can follow any topics at Quora that you are good at and start answering related questions. You can also put a link to your micro-niche blog site at the end of your answer to drive potential audiences directly to your blog.



Wikipedia is famous for its great content. Here you can find thousands of profitable ideas related to your micro-niche blog. Just like Google suggestion, it also provides suggestions based on your searched keywords.

Youtube and Amazon

Like the suggestions offered by Google and Wikipedia, youtube also provides additional information related to your searched keywords. Next to Google, the second largest search engine is Youtube. So you can use youtube to find profitable micro-niche ideas for your blog.

When you are interested in niches related to various physical products, Amazon will provide you the best ideas of the micro-niche blog. Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world. Almost all kinds of products ever use by humans on this planet will be found on this platform. So, you will find your niche ideas easily using Amazon search.

Steps -2 Finding a perfect domain name

Like most of the websites, you have to find a perfect domain name that exactly matches or somewhat similar to your micro-niche topic idea. For example, if you are starting a micro-niche blog for the camera lenses, you can make your domain name as,,, etc. But you’ve to make sure that the niche you are working with has commercial and popularity aspects. It is of no use if people don’t visit your site. Since the goal is to make money in a short time, you can target countries where the probability of getting a higher rate of conversion using proper research of keywords.


Steps -3 Finding a perfect HOSTING SERVICE

When comes to buying the best hosting service, “>web hosting solution for starting a new website.

With all the required tools for launching a blog available in your hand, now you start your micro-niche blog. WordPress is the best platform to start with as you don’t have to be a programmer or coder to kick start a website. You can concentrate all your minds towards creating quality content leaving all coding jobs to WordPress.


1. Pet care

2. 3D Printing

3. Shoes for men

4. Yoga

5. Mobile phone

6. Health & Fitness

7. Dietary Plan

8. Sports Event

9. Air Purifiers

10. Drones

11. Wall Decoration

12. Cosmetics

13. Android Applications

14. Future innovation

15. Anti-aging

Final words

After all, the success and failure of a blog entirely depend on what type of content you are providing and how consistently you can deliver valuable information to your audiences. As micro-niche blogs are short-lived, proper research is to be carried out before launching your blog. Choosing an evergreen niche is a good idea and it will make money for you in the long run. If you have any idea of a miro-niche blog other than the one mentioned in the article, just let me know by dropping in the comment box.

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