The Secret To Evergreen Contents over Trending Posts is Revealed


What would be like if you write an article once and stay fresh forever? Isn’t possible in real life? Yes, it is possible and we called it “Evergreen Contents “.

Unfortunately, articles you’re writing today, may or may not remain fresh or in trend forever. Some of your articles will be buried in time and some will sustain the test of time. Articles writing to help or provide useful information to people tends to remain alive forever. You better know, how much effort and time it takes to write a piece of quality content. So, it is necessary to take your decision about whether your writing is for some moments or for years.

If you find difficulties in deciding what type of content will work the best for your website – you’re in the right place.

What is Evergreen Post and why is it called “Evergreen”?

You might be a little surprised when you hear “Evergreen Post” for the first time. But everyone knows and familiar with the word “Evergreen” if I ain’t wrong! When I mentioned “Evergreen” you may be thinking of some kind of tree – “Christmas Tree” or “Amazon forest“. You nailed it!

It is derived from the word “Evergreen” which literally means a plant that has leaves throughout the year and remains green.

As the name implies, the evergreen post is a type of article which is search optimized and constantly providing relevant and fresh information to readers over time. Its importance or relevance increases and continues to drive traffic long after it is first published. Evergreen contents never go out of date. The types of content or information in your articles only differentiate evergreen posts from trending posts.

What types of contents are Evergreen?

I’m listing here some of the evergreen contents that will never go obsolete.

Original Research – Your Own

You’re a real blogger if you feel the pain of writing the original piece. It takes a lot of time to create a meaningful piece that never goes out of date. Leveraging on your own original research is hard and that’s why it is never obsolete. It is always unique and special. Search engines like Google love this type of article as it provides value and meaningful concepts to users. Thus, ranking higher and higher over a period of time.

How to – like tutorials for beginners

Writing for the beginners is a good approach to make your articles evergreen. It could be a big mistake if you’re writing for an expert by showing off your expertise on a particular subject. The main reason is – your post or article is unlikely to be searched by them and in turn, your hard work becomes out of date. Instead, focus your work more for beginners as they need your guidance to become a good blogger like you.

Educational Contents

As it clearly sounds, as long as we exist this type of content will never and ever get old. You can add this type of content to your blog or website to educate many if your niche permits. It helps in driving more and more traffic to your website over time. It requires a lot of expertise in your particular subject. Once it is written your content will shine forever.

Historic posts – related to some important events

It is a great idea to include posts related to some important events that will be remembered for a long time. So, next time when you write articles try to add something related to the historical past.

More Evergreen contents you can include in your Blog

Benefits of Evergreen Post

The evergreen post is just like the head of a family. Everyone knows how our parent looks after us.

Likewise, when your blog or website is abundant in the evergreen posts, you do not need to worry about the traffic. Evergreen posts become more and more important with time. Most of the SEO professionals think that “search engine loves only fresh content“. But this ideology is proven wrong many times by search engines. In fact, search engines love those types of content which can give real explanation or concept of something. As time passes, your evergreen content that has good engagement will rank higher and higher and bring more and more traffic to your site.

Evergreen Contents
Evergreen Post Trends

As the graph suggests, the popularity of evergreen posts increased over time. It increases your domain authority by bringing more and more inbound links (backlinks). It also helps in ranking other content available on your blog.

What is Trending Post?

Before we proceed further, I think it is relevant to tell you some details about Trending Post to refresh your mind?

Trending post is a type of post that mainly focuses on any trending topics in the present. Unlike evergreen posts, this type of post generally becomes outdated in a short period of time. However, it can generate a huge spike in traffic due to its popularity for a shorter period of time. Many small businesses, newly launched websites use this method to gain popularity on the web. The main advantage of the trending post is that it has very low competition. You can get the best result with minimal investment. Even your website or blog can be ranked higher in the search engine if you published your post before someone does.

However, the place of trending posts is temporary and once the popularity ends, your traffic drops.

Trending post
Trending Post

What are the contents that are not Evergreen?

  • Post like News articles
  • Social media posts
  • Articles based on fashion trends
  • Gadgets articles
  • Articles based on current trends
  • Holiday Topics like Christmas, Holi, etc.
  • Seasonal events like the general election

Important Tips for Producing Evergreen post or contents

Keyword Research

It is very important to consider your keyword while writing evergreen articles. Try to include keywords that people frequently search for. Preferably you can choose long-tail keywords so that it finds easily on the search results. It is of no use if your evergreen post can’t reach to your targeted audiences.

Create contents for Beginners

As I mentioned earlier, It is a very good practice to write articles for the novice because they are most needy for knowledge from an expert like you. Say, you’d content on “How to start a blog” on your website.

Reuse and update your old contents

It is necessary to polish your old content if you’ve to make them look fresh. Revise your old contents and update it if necessary from time to time. Some of the images in your content may become irrelevant or even your studies may need to upgrade to suit the current trends. You can check for trending keywords using Google keyword planner or Buzzsumo and use them to optimize your articles.

Write in Vernacular to reach a large audience

In most cases, 60% of internet users don’t know the exact meaning of what you’re writing. Unnecessary many publishers lost their valuable audiences for the sake of showing some expertise in its comfort zone. Don’t do this mistake if your writing piece is meant for novice. They want to experience your teaching at a glance and not by reading the whole article. So, avoid using technical terms as much as possible.

Repurpose the content according to the likes and dislikes of your audiences

It’s a bad practice if you don’t have a good ecosystem of listening likes & dislikes of your audiences. When people spend reading your blog, they are giving money to you. As already you know that time is money, you should take care of your readers too. if they’re giving money, you should think of giving some quality or value content in return. This world works in give and take system.

So when you get that one comment saying β€œYes, this is good, thanks for writing it!” that absolutely makes an impact.

How about if your audiences drops any negative comments?

Showing consideration of likes and dislikes of your audiences is the most important part to create a link between you and the visitors. Everyone wants their voice to be heard. You can take this as an advantage to reach your audiences. Accordingly, you can make minor amendments to your article and republish it. It shows you care for your valuable audiences.

Final Words

The most important ingredient to be a successful blog is the traffic. So, getting traffic regularly is the most basic thing you should keep in mind.

It depends on what content strategy you’re following to use both these contents to get the maximum results. As you know that Trending contents has the high potential to create a huge impact, publishing of this type of post can be an immune booster of your blog. Most of your users will love viral content, hot topics, fads, etc. more than any evergreen article.

This doesn’t mean that the value of your evergreen contents gets down. Instead, they bring new backlinks, shares, visitors, and leads. So, using both of these contents in a perfect place or time will be a win-win situation. Before using this strategy, knowing your visitors’ interests is necessary.


  • Publish your evergreen contents on social media platforms on a regular basis as the ideas never expire.
  • use trending post to get the attraction of many visitors and use as many as anchor tag or links to any of your evergreen post as relevant (assuming that you’re working in the same niche).
  • Keep your visitors engaged (post unique articles).
  • Use various tools available online for free to get the current trends or matching keywords of your niche.

If you find my approach helpful you can show your gestures by dropping comments in the comment box below. It encourages me to write and share more and more with you guys. You can also express your idea on this topic so that I can add more to enrich many more like-minded readers like you. Don’t forget to share this article and let others know what you learned today! Thanks for spending time with me…. πŸ™‚

Sharing is Caring…..

The more you share, the more is your wisdom

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