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Event Blogging has now become the most profitable way of blogging in a very short time. Many bloggers who are working in this niche are earning a lot of money without working the whole damn year. If you’re reading this article, I can ensure you that you’re a serious blogger and  going to pick the same momentum of earning huge cash in the coming days. 

I think this isn’t the first time your are hearing about “Event Blogging”. However, you mayn’t consider a moment “How event blogging can earn you a lot of money, that you can’t do in the whole year of blogging, within two or three days?”. Sound Skeptical !

What is "Event Blogging" ?

Event Blogging

Before I tell you “what is event blogging”, I felt it necessary to explain you first what a blog is? (most relevant to beginners only).

Basically, a blog or weblog is an online journal or an informational website that updates in regularly basis. It can be a personal or business website which allows you to engage with your visitors.

Now, comes to Event Blogging. This is also a type of blogging where the main niche or subject is focus on a particular event. The event may be of any type like festivals, sports, election, film events or any upcoming events.  So, if you start a blog in any particular event as your niche, it is called event blogging. This type of blog receives a huge amount of traffic during the targeted events. You can earn a lot of money during this time by taking advantage of spiking in traffic to your website. However, this type of spiking in traffic is temporary and it drops as an when the events end and your earning too.  You can take it as a seasonal type of earning. 

What are the benefits of Event Blogging?

Event blogging can give you the earning that you can’t even dream of earning in the whole year within a short period of two or three days. It is not like working in a particular blog like mine for many years to rank in the search engines and get organic traffic. To taste the success of event blogging you’ve to work hard for some three to six months before your targeted event’s date. You can save a lot of time as compared to traditional blogging. This is the beauty of event blogging. Many bloggers are earning more than $10000 in a single targeted event. 

Things to be taken care of during an event

event blogging

Now you know the benefits of event blogging and may be thinking of stepping your foot inside blogosphere. There is no specific day to start a blog. There are some points to be remembered before hosting any event blogging to get the desire results.

1.  To ensure that you bought a good hosting service with unlimited bandwidth to handle any sudden spike of traffic during the event day.

2.  To remain active during the event day so that you can rectify immediately if any crash or error in the page and server occurs. 


Ask yourself before you start your event blogging

Before starting any event’s blog a proper research is to be carried out to ensure that your time and money don’t go in waste. Picking a right event with less competition can add more advantage of getting success. Better the chances of success if your niche is most searchable on the internet and not just an event which is popular in a particular region. 

To save your time and earn handsome money you can ask yourself this five question before you start your journey.

1.  What the event is about?

2.  Where the event is celebrated?

3.  How the event is celebrated?

4.  Why the event is celebrated?

5.  What is the interest of people on the event?

6.  How competitive the event is among the bloggers?

Most essential steps to start your Event blogging site - Let's start now!

It is not different from the way we start our normal traditional blog. You don’t need to be surprised when I mentioned “most essential steps”. Let’s see what are the requirements to start your first “Event Blog”.

1. Choose your Niche to start Event Blogging

You’re few of the very lucky guys, if you’re living in India “The Land of Festivals”. There is no such day in India where there is no festival. You won’t find any shortage of events or niche to start your blog. 

Now, you can start any event blogging by choosing an event or occassion as your niche. You can consider any one of the events as your niche according to your interest.

Festivals or Holidays 

Happy New Year

Independence day

Makar Sankranti (kite festival in Gujarat & Lohri in Northern India)



Kumbh Mela

Good Friday

Maha Shivaratri

Durga Puja

Rath Yatra 


Christmas etc.


Sports Event


Cricket world cup

FIFA world cup 

English Premier league 

Indian premier league

Grand Slam (Tennis)

Grand Prix Motor Racing

PGA Tour

Asian Games

Common Wealth Games, etc.


Important events

General Elections

Film festivals

OSCAR, etc

New product launch

WWE events

Grammy award and any other events that attract public attention.

2. Get a Domain Name

If you’re a blogger, you mustn’t find any difficulties in buying a new domain name of your event blog. However, I recommend Bluehost or Hostinger to buy your first domain as they provide seamless service and cheap domains as compared to other providers. When you buy a domain always try to include your event name or keyword in the domain itself as it will help in ranking your blog in the search engines and increases CTR (Click-through rate) .  When you decide to blog for any Indian events always try to buy domain with .in extension or .com, .net, .org for any other international related events. 

3. Hosting service

A hosting service or platform is must to start any type of blog or websites. So, you also to buy a hosting service to start your event’s blog. You’ve to buy a good and reliable web hosting service to avoid any unwanted crash or error happens during the events. It is wise to buy a premium or standard hosting service that provides an unmetered or unlimited bandwidth that can handle any huge traffic during any events. If you’re on WordPress, you can go for Bluehost as it is the most reliable and highly recommended hosting providers by WordPress. You can also choose from hostinger, hostgator, Bigrock, etc. as per your wish. 

You can also start your blog without spending a penny by using blogger. To use this service you need to have a google account and that’s all. 

4. Setup Your Blog

Install wordpress using the setup cPanel as provided by your hosting service and uplaod any free themes that can fit your event. If you’re using Bluehost you can follow these steps to setup your wordpress blog

You can also use Blogger to setup your blog if you decide not to invest any money. One more advantage of using Blogger is that your blog or website will never down during any sudden spike of traffic and it is highly secure than any other hosting service.

Always use well optimized and fast loading themes like Astra Pro, GeneratePress and Divi for any event blogging. 

5. Time to add quality contents

Always remember that ranking of your blog at the top of Google’s SERP (Search engine rank page) depends on the types of contents of your blog. However, more emphasis is to be given to your targeted keywords of a particular event. 

You should identify your keywords well in time and include them in your content in order to hit the target. Google’s Keyword planner is the best free tool available you can use to research any given keyword. Always go for keywords which are less competitive and have high CTR. 

You can start posting your articles 2 to 3 months prior to your desire event to start ranking in Google search engine. Write high quality and interesting content not less than 1000 words that can attract and engage your visitors. Incorporate all your keywords associated with the event to your articles.

Posting 20 to 25 articles with at least 1000 words each prior to the event is highly recommended. If you’re writing articles with less than 1000 words, it is highly recommended to add more number of articles like 30-40. 

However, your words count shouldn’t affect the quality of the contents. It only matters if the content is good. Also you must note that word count is not a standalone factor for ranking. Word count has only merit if the quality of the content is high.

Adequate images relevant to your targeted event  are to be used to add more spark. Try to include more original image as it will show your area of expertise.  However, a lot of free royalty images are also available online. Know more about royalty free images.


6. Try to add some quality backlinks

Backlinks are the links that comes from other websites. When your site is link with another website, then it is called “Backlinks”.

Link Building is the common factor for any website to be ranked in the Google search engine. The traffic is directly related to the quality of backlinks your blog has. More the linking of authoritative websites to your blog, the better ranking and traffic you get. You’ve to planned very carefully and well in time to avoid any slippage at the eleventh hour. 

You can start to backlink your event blog  after you published around 6 to 7 blog posts. SEOprofiler is the best tool available on the internet as on date to build quality backlinks. When Google released the “Penguin” update, most of the websites that used automated tools to generate links were penalized and removed from Google’s index. So, keep in mind that the quality of the links is much more important than quantity. 

There are number of ways to build backlinks to your event blog. One of the best method to get backlinks from authority blog is guest blogging.

While building backlinks always try to use different type of keywords and Google won’t rank your blog if a particular keyword is using several times. Google will consider it as spammy links and it will affect your blog. Also there should be a balance between Do-follow and No-follow links even though both of them are vital to ranking in search result page.  



7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for better Ranking

It is very important to optimize your blog to make visible to your audiences. Even though your blog has high quality contents , it will not be visible to your visitors without SEO work. 

You can do two types of SEO to rank your blog well in advance.

On page - SEO

It is the way of optimizing web page or blog page contents for search engines and users. The most common on-page SEO methods people normally do includes optimizing title tags, content, internal links and URLs. 

Some basics of On Page-SEO


  • Your keywords should be included in the first 100 words of your article
  • The title of your blog must be in H1 tag to help Google understand the structure of the page 
  • Include keywords in the sub-heading and also use H2 tag.
  • Use your keywords frequently inside your article in a natural way. However, excessive use of keywords or practice of keywords stuffing just to fool search engines may lead to ban or penalize your blog on major search engines either temporarily or permanent.
  • Put some external or outbound links to other websites which contains related topic of your blog. 
  • Make the URL of your blog a user-friendly link. Include keywords in the URL and make it short as possible. 
  • Include keywords in the meta description.
  • Use your keywords in “Img Alt Attributes”

Off Page-SEO

It refers to the action taken outside your blog to rank in the Google’s search engine.  It includes linking of your blog or website to other quality websites. Link building is the backbone of any blogs or website to rank higher in the search engines’ result.  Some basics of Off Page-SEO

  • Commenting on blogs in a relevant way
  • Participate in Forum discussion related to your topics. Solve problems and leave them your profile link with an anchor tag. Try to participate in forum that offers Do-follows link.
  •  Guest Blogging
  •  Broken link building
  •  Effective use of social network to promote your content

8. Minting Money from your Event Blog

Now, time to pay off your hard work. “Earning money” is the most basic or final goal of every blogger in the world. you can take it as a reward for your hard word. However, no one will come and handover the trophy to you. You’re the only “one man army” to pursue and catch the opportunity. 

You can take the full advantage of Google’s Adsense to monetize your blog. Like any other traditional blog you’ve to don’t have to skip all the steps require to get approval of Google’s Adsense. Some of the ways to get monetize your blog other than Google’s Adsense.


Final Words Folks

When people talks about earning money from blog, most of the newbie get influence and start a blog. However, they can’t reach the goal and stopped blogging in the initial 3 months of starting. Most of the newbie bloggers heard the word “event blogging” but they never try to understand its importance and they easily get dejected. Now, that time is over and you can concentrate more on event blogging to propel your dream and touch the success with glory. 

That’s all folks, I can share with you about event blog. Anything that I missed to share in this article can be supplement in the comment box and I’ll surely add them to this article. Also, don’t forget to share what you’ve learned here today.

Sharing is Caring..
The more you share, the more is the wisdom.

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