What is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging?

guest blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting is the way of writing blog articles for someone’s blog in order to enhance the visibility of your brand to your potential audiences. In other words, it increases the chances of growing your business to a different level. When you write a blog article for someone’s blog, in return you get better backlinks to your blog site or business website. It helps in building relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

Importance of guest blogging

Guest blogging provides a great advantage for any kind of business. You can share your ideas on a particular subject on someone’s blog, establish yourself as an authority icon within your comfort zone. It helps in building relationships with others working in the same field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

In this internet era, guest blogging or guest posting is the best method adopted by many to build high-quality backlinks and organic traffic (you may like to increase organic traffic). In fact, all bloggers want to publish high-quality and authority content on their blogs. It helps in attracting new viewers or audiences as well as giving new tastes to loyal visitors. So, in the case of guest blogging, a selective or quality post related to the owner’s blog or website is preferred to be published on their website. Thus, guest blogging gives an advantage to both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest’s post. In other words, we can say that guest blogging is a two-way street. When you decide to jump on the guest blogging bandwagon, you can also think of featuring other’s valuable posts related to your niche by guest bloggers on your own website. It will help you to experience the real taste of the guest blogging.

In addition, featuring guest posts on your own blog will give a new dimension and fresh content to your audience. So, it is a great way to keep your reader engaged in your blog. You can refer also refer the step by step guide on guest blogging by Neil Patel.

Before you jump into the bandwagon of Guest Blogging

The Basic purpose of guest posting is to provide genuine, helpful and relevant content to enlighten readers and not low-quality content used for backlinks to your website. You should know the basic purpose of your blog. When someone posts articles on your website, your ideas should be in agreement with the content writer. It should be an article related to the same industry. If the content doesn’t align with your ideas guest blogging can have a swift and negative impact on your blog or company. So as long as your content is of high quality, guest blogging is a great way to increase your site rankings.

It is a known fact that a lot of spam is flowing on the web. In order to get rid of spam bloggers, utmost care is to be taken while featuring any guest post.

Listed below some points to remember before featuring any guest posting or vice-versa

  • Do proper research on the particular subject before you start any guest posting.
  • If you are about to do any guest posting to someone’s blog first you should check the owner’s blog thoroughly. After that, you will have some idea about the kind of post that the owner may like to feature in his blog. This will benefit both the guest and the owner.
  • Social media presence. You do have to check whether they have a social media account where they can share their own blog posts regularly?
  • Be aware of the spam bloggers. It can give an adverse effect on your blog.
  • Avoid writing or accepting spammy content to your blog.
  • check whether they have high domain authority.


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Afterall, Guest blogging is a great source to build up your brand name and reach new audiences and get high-quality backlinks and organic traffic to your blog.

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