Why Blogging in India is not Popular among Youths?

blogging in india

Blogging in India ” is not popular among our youths – it is the main area I’m going to discuss in this article. Before we go further, here I’m bringing you some of the blogging’s facts you’ll be interesting to know.

The origin of blogging dates back to the ’90s by a Swarthmore College student and his name was Justin Hall. It was simply a personal website run by HTML. With the advancement of the internet globally, a considerable amount of changes has been made to reach the technology we have now. As on date, more than 600 million blogs are active in the world. Imagine a single blogger if post at least an article a month amount to 600 million posts a month. The US has the most active bloggers in the world and Indian bloggers able to occupy only 2.14 %. This 2.14 percent of bloggers rule the whole blogosphere in India for the last decades.

Now, this is your time to start a blog on a topic you’re master at. Even if you’re a gamer you can still start a blog and there is still a lot of time in you.

Some Reasonable Points Why Blogging in India is not popular among the youths

1. Number one reason why blogging in India Failed – More Career Oriented

Blogging in India

“What you want to become when you grow up?” a doctor or an engineer! This is the most common question of every parent living in India, that they want to know How their children would be when they grow up. Something like “Playing Safe Games, without taking any risk”.

Did you ever imagine for once, at an average 20 years is the minimum time required to complete up to Master’s Degree and if you plan to pursue higher studies like Ph.D., you’ve to spend another 4 to 5 years, depending on what type of study you undertake? However, all these years of education don’t guarantee you a Government job if I’m not wrong. Remember that you’re living among the massive 138 crores population of India and you won’t be the only piece to complete a master’s degree. Just think how high the completion will be to get a little job in India?

If I were told to take a survey on “what majority of Indian students thinks during these long 20 years?”, I will find out why they prefer the only govt. job rather than doing it in their own way.

In fact, they don’t have time to undertake any extracurricular activities other than those lessons prescribed in their textbook and facing exam stress. Overall, no more creative ideas rather than scoring good numbers and running behind jobs.

Remember, Victory is far beyond fear !

2. Only Family Pressure or No Family Support

Blogging in India

In India, we live mostly in a joint family, and support from each family member is needed to get successful. It is like a tradition that your grandparent support your parent and then your parent supports you to achieve your goal. It is the most beautiful tradition in our society.

I’m not standing against our beloved parent, just trying to justify that there is also a lot of options other than govt. jobs to support the family.

In most cases, when we finished graduate or master we’ll start feeling the pressure from the family’s side to secure a govt. job. As you know better, how hard is it to get a govt. job in India. For this, you’ve to give more and more exams which are also not easy to pass as the completion level is too high or you must be a genius to get one. So, at an average, you’ve to spend another 2 or more years to hunt a job equivalent to your education level.

Very frankly saying, in our country, it’s very difficult to make someone understand about new ideas that can change their lives, right!

Our parent will never support us to go for entrepreneurship or become a writer. Instead, they’ll ask you to get a Job and live peacefully. This is the main reason why all the founders of big platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are from other countries and not from India. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have any resources to establish alike, but we have got the fear of not getting a stable job first.

Unless we don’t remove such fear out of our soul, only a few who dare to take risk will harvest and enjoy blogging in India.

” The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. “

Woodrow Wilson

3. Lack of Awareness among Indian Youths

blogging in India

Even though blogging is not a new thing, in India, it is in the infant stage. If someone asks you “what do you do for a living?” and your answer is Blogging, people will look at you as if you’re from a different planet.

If you’re a blogger you’ll not be surprised at what I’m saying. People always surprised and present puzzled looks on their faces when you tell them you’re a blogger and earn money from your website and the endless explaining thereafter. The main reason behind it is the lack of awareness among the people of India. Even though blogging is slowly catching up among the youths, still it is very few in numbers as compared to other countries.

The level of awareness can be increased if some of our renowned bloggers are willing to share their blogging ideas on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube selflessly. However, it is easier said than done and I find very fewer people coming up to help others selflessly.

4. Blogging in India Involves Running Behind Money

blogging in India

There is much more to do rather than earning money from blogging. However, today’s youth consider blogging like a money-making machine rather than taking it as a career. You’re definitely wrong if you think so. Blogging won’t make you rich overnight. It takes a long time to come to shape or maybe less time for some but not a rule.

Many started blogging in India just thinking it will make money in a very short time and this thinking often makes their blogging life shorter than expected. You may be a master in the niche you’re working at, but delivering quality content is a different thing. It takes a proper plan and practice. In order to start earning money from blogging, your first step is to produce quality content. Google loves quality content and when your blog has all such content it will start ranking. Afterward, your blog begins to attract visitors, and your journey of earning begins. However, it is a lot easier said than done.

In fact, all the novice bloggers don’t have the patience and they stopped blogging even before they blogged for 3 months. If you’re a serious blogger and wish to uplift blogging in India then water it regularly like a fruit tree and give some time to grow. After all, no one will take away your hard work and you reap what you sow.

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

5. Lack of Proper Guidance or no Guidance


Without deviating my normal routine 9 to 5 boring jobs, I started blogging in 2014, and during that struggle time, I didn’t find anyone to help me selflessly. So many lessons were learned from my mistake itself and as time passes, my blogging skill also improved. In this way, most of the bloggers in India are self-made bloggers without any proper guidance. Watching some youtube videos made by some Tom or Harry and planning to start a blog is not an awesome idea. If you do so, you simply fall prey to their affiliate marketing and you learn nothing.

Moreover, you’ll not find any institute that can impart proper training to beginners. Instead, you’ll find courses in the name of digital marketing charging a huge amount that can’t be afforded by any beginners. Even if they can afford why should they spend that huge amount without knowing the result. So, the main objective should be to give the most basic requirements first.

6. Inadequate Knowledge to Produce Quality Content

Blogging is not popular among Indian youths

As a blogger, you should always remember that “Content is the King“. As long as you produce quality content you’re the king. To be a king is not an easy task. You’ve to keep your people happy and look after them even for a minute thing. Likewise, in blogging too you’ve to write quality content to attract visitors and keep working for them. These visitors will visits over and again as long as you provide them valuable content. So, quality content matters a lot in deciding whether a blog can withstand the test of time or not.

However, most of the beginners produce content or post without giving much emphasis on what they’re writing. Simply they run behind quantity, not for the quality. So, they start writing more and more baseless articles in a very short period of time thinking that it’ll make them stand out of the crowd. Most often, they are misguided by some YouTubers talking nonsense like “I write or produce 100 articles within 6 months or less” which is totally baseless and becomes a way to demotivate many beginners.

Write as if you’re writing a first love letter for your girlfriend or boyfriend that can leave long lasting impression to your visitors.

7. Lack of Skills and Patience

start a blog

At least some basic skills like CSS or HTML, writing skills, social networking, etc. are required to become a blogger. However, most beginners even don’t know the meaning of blogging and simply jump in for blogging. Even today’s children go to playschool or preschool to learn some basic things or discipline before they start for elementary classes.

Why writing Skill is required?

In blogging, writing is the only way to communicate your ideas or feelings to your audiences. The more you write engaging content the more audiences will attract. You can also connect with many similar thinkers and communities through your writing.

However, most of the newbie bloggers don’t bother of producing engaging content. They simply write and write but never get the result and finally have to depart blogging. The only way to develop good writing skills is practice. You don’t need to become a native English writer, but at least write in a way that people understand. Did you ever imagine that Warren Buffet reads at least one new book every single day even if he is a billionaire? If you want to become a successful writer you’ve to become a good reader first. All the famous people or leaders in the world are once good readers and they weren’t born leaders.

So, in order to develop the skills of writing you’ve to read and practice a lot. You can make a list of all bestsellers books, read them carefully, and apply in your work.

You need at least some knowledge of HTML or CSS if you’re about to become a blogger

Writing is not the only thing that will make you a successful blogger. Sometimes, you may need to do some basic HTML or CSS works. It may be interlinking of many articles inside your blog or creating outbound links to some other websites, needs basic knowledge of HTML. Even Google won’t rank your blog if you don’t have interlinks, outbound links, inbound links, etc. Sometimes you may seek help from experts to do such simple works and you spend money unnecessarily.

Patience is the key to success in blogging (The main reason why Blogging in India is still an underdog)

Another reason why blogging in India is not up to the desired level is the lack of patience among Indian bloggers. Most of the beginners lost patience during their initial stage and failed to touch the height of success. For example, a newbie blogger applies for Google Adsense to monetize his or her blog without enough content, even before 06 months of launching their blog. And when Google sends you the reply after a few days “Your website couldn’t be approved this time due to violation of the Adsence program“, they easily got dejected and become one of the main reasons to leave blogging.

Final Words

This article is not meant to criticize the sacred relation between our beloved parents and us. They always wish for our better future and that is why they prefer us to do a stable job. We can’t blame only to parents and Indian society. If you have got the will, the certainty of finding the way of success is very close. Awareness among the youths is very much required to uplift blogging in India as a good option of career. As you know, compare to other countries we have a very less number of bloggers which means competitions are not very high and your chances of success are also higher.

If you find my article helpful to you, please don’t forget to share it. Your little act of sharing will encourage me to write and share more and more ideas. Also, don’t forget to relate your stories on “How you cross the obstacles to become a successful blogger?”

Sharing is Caring….

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