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WordPress powers about 30% of the websites that are currently active today. It is the easiest, handy and reliable platform as on date trusted by millions of people around the world. It is a free open source platform. You don’t need to master in coding to start using WordPress. Even a layman can use WordPress and build a fully functional website in no time.

You can get different kinds of themes according to your mood from the varieties of categories available in WordPress. You don’t have to go behind a developer to maintain your webpage. It is all in a DIY way. It’s just a domain and hosting you’ll need to buy when creating a simple WordPress site.

Many big Brands are entrusted by WordPress and are currently using it. Let’s see those big brands using WordPress.


The walt disney company

Disney is the most loved and remembered named of our childhood. The famous characters of our childhood like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Simba, Cinderella, and many more unforgettable characters are all here. This website is powered by WordPress. It is a beautiful and rare handpicked website that is worth visiting to wake up your childhood.



Sony Music is a premium global music company that is run by WordPress. We can see slider using in this site displaying various music artists, Labels and videos. Below the slider is the blog post displaying the latest news.

3. BBC America

powered by wordpress

BBC America is an America pay television entertainment network. It includes family shows, comedy, drama etc. This company’s website is also run by WordPress. It has a black theme featuring big images of various new shows.

4. Mercedes – Benz

powered by wordpress

Mercedes-Benz is one of the largest manufacturers of premium passenger cars in the world. Mercedes-Benz is known for luxury vehicles, buses, coaches, ambulances and trucks. This global icon’s website is powered by WordPress. Displaying a premium theme with great texture. Mostly It displays in block style in a very beautiful and touching way.

5. The New York Post

the nypost

The New York Post is a news blog run on WordPress Platform. This website looks cool and very simple. The theme of this website is very simple but touchy. It is basically a news blog where you can get various latest news.

6. AMC

amc photo

7. Reuters

Reuters is an international news agency owned by Thomas Reuters Corporation. It is a news blog based on WordPress platform. It is a news blog showing various categories like Business, Market, World, Politics, Tech etc. in its theme Navigation Bar.

8. Usain Bolt

usain bolt the no. one athelete

Arguably the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen, Usain St Leo Bolt, created history at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio when he achieved the ‘Triple Triple’, three gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games.   This official site of Usain Bolt is backed by the world’s most trusted platform WordPress.

9. The Angry Bird

Angry Birds is the first-ever game that gave life to mobile OS android. Its official website was made using WordPress. The website looks colorful which features a play button. It’s been a long journey and the birds are still flying high.

These are some of the famous Brand’s websites powered by WordPress. No doubt, WordPress is a platform that you can trust and start building your own website or blog without any hesitation. No worry about running behind any web developer.

You can drop the names of any other brand that is not on my list in the comment below. Thanks for your interest.

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